The stunning and very pricey 77 inch LG OLED G6 4K HDR TV is finally available

by on September 20, 2016

Stephan Jukic – September 20, 2016

Rock solid and superb 4K TVs are no longer the territory of the more affluent buyer anymore. This is now a fact with more excellent models than ever selling for the same prices that average HDTVs sold for just a couple years ago and even featuring premium or semi-premium specs like high dynamic range and expanded color gamuts. Thus, whether your budget more conservative at $2000, $1000 or even $500 or $600, you can grab a great piece of home entertainment technology.

However, if you truly, really want the very best and simply don’t give a damn about pricing considerations among all the consumer TVs on sale today. We don’t think anything at this point quite beats LG’s newly released 77 inch G6 OLED TV. It is an absolute stunner across the board, and this includes is price unfortunately.

LG has been selling the G6 OLED flagship TV models for 2016 since the first months of this year but the final model in the series, the 77 inch version has been kept from the shelves and online retail listings for much longer than the smaller 65 inch version for what we suppose are marketing reasons on the manufacturers part.

Now however, the phenomenally beautiful and ridiculously high-performing G6 77 inch TV is available for a hefty price tag of $20,000.

Even the 65 inch G6 model sells for a robust price of just under $9000 so we had plenty of reason to expect the 77 inch TVs heavy duty retail price, especially when you factor in the simple fact that OLED TVs still remain the most expensive models on the market due to the nature of their organic light emitting diode displays and the continuing difficulty of manufacturing them cheaply.

The stunning 77 inchLG OLED G6 4K HDR TV now available

All that said, what you get for those $20,000 is a level of home entertainment display performance that is practically guaranteed to leave all other 2016 4K HDR TVs on sale in North America in the dust in just about every single spec. This is something which has been confirmed for OLED TVs time and time again in major public 2016 4K TV comparisons done by professional panels of expert reviewers. LG’s OLEDs consistently beat their LCD rivals in almost all metrics except peak brightness. This makes sense given the specific differences between OLED nad LCD TV panels and for the 77 inch G6 flagship TV, the superiority of OLED is more on display than it has been in any other 4K TV model with this display type that we’ve seen in 2016 or 2015.

The core of OLED performance, in the 77 inch G6 and all of LG’s other OLED TVs for this year (the E6, C6 and B6 models) is the fundamental nature of organic light emitting diode display. Unlike even the best LCD TVs (as we explain in detail in our OLED vs. LCD guide here), OLED models have no LED backlighting system behind a liquid crystal display panel. Instead, each individual pixel on their screens (and in a 4K OLED there are 8.29 million of them) produces its own internal light and color. The result is a level of lighting and dimming precision, as well as color precision which no LCD TV can even hope to match with current technology. Not even Samsung or Sony’s absolute best LCD HDR flagship 4K TVs like the KS9800 or the Sony Z-Series 4K TV models quite match what even the lowliest OLED TVs can do in terms of black performance and local dimming specs. In the case of the G6, these are all taken to even better heights of performance.


Thus, the new 77 inch G6, just like its smaller and cheaper OLED cousins, offers full wide color gamut, pixel-perfect local dimming, perfect total black levels and compatibility with both of the major 2016 HDR standards, Dolby Vision and HDR10. Furthermore, though peak brightness is the one area in which the best LCD 4K TVs can still beat OLED models (with the Samsung and flagship Sony 2016 TVs capable of peaking at over 1000 cd/m2 of spot brightness), the G6 gives amazingly well even in this spec, delivering 600 cd/m2 or higher peak brightness that not even a majority of HDR LCD TVs can still match.

Finally, display isn’t the only wonder-point on the new G6. It also offers up a stunningly original picture-on-glass design with the thinnest display panel yet seen in a 4K TV and some remarkably robust 4.2 channel Harman/Kardon speakers with a max power of 80 watts. Furthermore, despite its enormous size, the new TV weighs “only” 115 lbs. Heavy to be sure, but nearly as much as older LCD TV models in this size range.


The 77 inch G6 is available from LG’s website and other retailers. If you’ve got $20,000 to burn on home entertainment, this is the TV to go for based on nearly all essential display performance metrics.

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  • Al
    November 2, 2017 at 8:24 am

    If you had to choose between a 65″ LG G6P OLED and a 75″ Samsung 8000-series, which would you choose?


    • Stephen
      November 7, 2017 at 9:46 am

      Hi Al, I answered this comment in the G6 review where you also posted it. Pasted the previous response below:

      “Hey Al Except for the benefit of superior display size in the Samsung model and its much higher peak brightness, I’d definitely go for the LG G6 as far as all other specs (and its support for Dolby Vision HDR) are concerned, and if they’re priced the same. The Samsung KS8000 series are however fantastic LCD 4K HDR TVs so if you can find one in the 75 inch range that costs LESS than the LG G6, then go for it, just bear in mind that you’ll love the black levels of the LG model much more. They compensate nicely for its lower peak brightness. The LG G6 also handles motion much better overall, as all OLED TVs do.”


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