Apparent UFO caught on 4K UHD video thanks to a DJI drone

by on March 13, 2015

Stephan Jukic – March 13, 2015

A Redditor recently uploaded a very short but very interesting little 4K video to YouTube’s collection of UHD content, and it has already garnered some fairly wide internet buzz thanks to its content and possibly worrying implications!

The film clip, which can be seen below in the YouTube clip, is just 4 seconds long but what it shows is very interesting; an apparent UFO buzzing across the sky over an unnamed suburban area in what looks like the Western U.S.

The clip was uploaded by YouTube user 1darmino, with no other specific information except for the title of the video and the type of drone being used to film the video. Quickly enough, a number of other Reddit users from the r/UFOs subreddit began to analyze the clip and collectively enhance the odd piece of footage.

The following image was posted by Redditor wildcat and shows some of the few stills from the extremely short video:

4K drone footage of possible UFO

Furthermore, another users on the original reddit post also posted a slowed down version of the original 4 second clip here, but it has it’s settings to private so it isn’t visible.

Admittedly, the clip is very short, very ambiguous and hardly conclusive, earth shattering evidence of anything. However, it is one of the first ever 4K video clips to emerge on the web featuring a UFO. Unfortunately in this case, even the ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels couldn’t save the shots of the object from looking blurry and strange; it simply moves across the landscape far too fast.

Speculation from the Redditors included theories about video manipulation, a bullet and the possibility of a fast moving lens flare. However, none of these theories seem all that plausible. Even less plausible is the idea that the consumer DJI Inspire 1 drone doing the filming with its 4K camera caught an ultra-fast military drone zipping by.

The DJI Inspire 1 line of drones such as the one that caught this is sold for consumer use and has become extremely popular amongst amateur film-makers and even professionals in certain types of aerial surveying situations. Because of their stable gimbal mounted 4K cameras which can shoot movie clips in ultra HD resolution, the drones are capable of capturing some surprisingly clear and solid footage of the landscape beneath them and events in the sky.

Whatever is the case with this particular footage, judge for yourself below:

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