Portuguese media operator NOS also launches 4K channel service, right after Vodafone does the same

by on July 6, 2015

Stephan Jukic – July 6, 2015

Moving right in the wake of Vodafone Portugal, the operator NOS, from the same country is also launching its own version of a 4K content channel service in the small Atlantic European country.

NOS, which has brought together PT Multimedia, ZON multimedia, and ZON Optimus for its endeavor, is launching what it calls the Hispasat 4K channel along with its own NOS 4K Ultra HD service.

The new channel will feature a mix of wildlife, nature and history documentaries while the NOS channel is going to deliver music, drama and mini documentary shows from the NOS Primavera Sound, NOS em palco and NOS Festa do Virtudes cultural and music festivals to subscribing consumers.

The Portuguese operator explained recently that customers who want to enjoy the new 4K services only need to own a 4K UHD TV and that the TV must have both a built-in 4K/HEVC decoding capacity via its HDMI port and the ability to do the same through the RF cable signal port.


customer sof NOS who want to view the broadcasters 4K channel need a 4K TV with HEVC decoding capacity

customers of NOS who want to view the broadcasters 4K channel need a 4K TV with HEVC decoding capacity

The move by NOS looks like a piece of direct competition to Vodafone’s FunBox 4K UHD channel service, which has been launched to subscribers of the latter company’s existing services.

Both of these services are unique in the entire European market and even globally for the time being. They also happen to represent some of the first consumer-ready steps taken by major broadcasters in delivering 4K content via broadcast channels to consumers in a country.

To date, the overwhelming majority of 4K UHD content available to people anywhere in the world comes via streaming services on the internet, available to those with newer 4K TVs (4K TV models with HEVC decoding capability) and via set-top boxes with pre-loaded content inside their storage drives or downloadable videos that can be delivered by rental or purchase. The Sony 4K media player box is a particularly robust example of this latter service.

As for broadcast 4K media channels, most operators in the North American or European markets simply haven’t invested enough into updating their content delivery infrastructure for full 4K capacity. The new resolution offers more than four times the detail of ordinary Full HD and thus requires much larger cable, internet and satellite bandwidth to get delivered. This has been a major obstacle of greater ultra HD proliferation via broadcast media.

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