Pioneer’s new BDR-211UBK BD/CD/DVD Writing Hardware Supports 4K Blu-ray Playback

by on March 8, 2017

Stephan Jukic – March 08, 2017

Burning discs from one copy to another is as time honored and old as, well, disc media, with all kinds of hardware support for the copying of DVDs, CDs and olde-timey HD Blu-rays. Nd for many, many people, the need for storing media on these disc formats is still a real thing, because not every data storage situation can depend on clouds, USB sticks and external drives. Thus, it shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone that a piece of killer hardware would come along that offers this same kind of copying support to the latest disc format in existence on the consumer market, 4K UHD Blu-ray.

This is where Pioneer’s new BDR-211UBK BD/CD/DVD Writing Hardware comes into the picture. Built to support the new 4K Blu-ray media along with all traditional disc formats like CD, DVD, and HD Blu-ray, the BDR-211UBK delivers what few if any other disc burners have yet offered for the UHD Blu-ray format. To top things off, the BDR-211UBK can also of course play back the 4K discs it copies to and from. Pioneer has also previously released two other 4K UHD Blu-ray disc players for PC, the  BDR-S11K-BK and BDR-S11J-X, but the BDR-211UBK offers a much more robust listing of features due to its extensive media writing capabilities.

In other words, this burner is not only the world’s newest 4K UHD Blu-ray playback system, it’s also one of the cheapest around at just $130, which is a lot cheaper than what you’d pay for any of the current crop of 4K UHD Blu-ray players for the 4K TV market.

Of course, the BDR-211UBK is an internal device, meaning that it’s not built to conveniently sit there atop a 4K TV or other UHD display device and play ultra HD discs. Instead, the BDR-211UBK is designed to be installed in PC rigs for copying out or playing back 4K Blu-ray movies and other videos as needed by PC users. On the one hand, this makes this piece of Pioneer hardware a much less practical 4K Blu-ray playback solution for home theater systems. On the other hand, it means that owners of 4K PCs and laptops with Windows 10 and Intel Kaby Lake processing chipset support (both of which are needed for consumer 4K content playback from streaming and disc media in a PC) can enjoy watching ultra HD Blu-ray discs on their computers as well.

Moving onto the specs of the BDR-211UBK, it allows for up to 16x BD-R writing speed (BD-R: SL 25GB) and the ability to read and write a variety of BD (SL 25GB/DL 50GB) and BDXL (BD-R XL: TL 100GB/ QL 128GB, BD-RE XL: TL 100GB) discs,” according to Pioneer. Other crucial and much more detailed specs for the Pioneer BDR-211UBK CD/DVD/BD disc writer are listed further below. Again though, it’s crucial to remind potential buyers that playing back 4K Blu-rays via PC with this device requires Windows 10 support and the presence of one of Intel’s 7th generation Kaby Lake chipsets, in the –H or –S processor series. A 200 series motherboard would also be necessary in any PC that you want to use for 4K Blu-ray playback. A minimum of 6GB of RAM is also required for the BDR-211UBK to work at its 4K settings in a PC and again, of course,  4K display of some kind is recommended to really enjoy what this little burner can do.

Intel 7th Generation Kaby Lake chipsets are required to playback 4K Blu-ray with the BDR-211UBK

Intel 7th Generation Kaby Lake chipsets are required to playback 4K Blu-ray with the BDR-211UBK

Pioneer will be releasing the BDR-211UBK writer for sale near the end of March for $130 and users who don’t have a 4K monitor or the other requirements for 4K UHD Blu-ray playback on their PC can still use this writing hardware for lower resolutions and their CD, DVD or HD Blu-ray burning needs. We should also note that the BDR-211UBK supports HDR playback for PCs and other devices that support the picture enhancement format.

This player/writer also comes bundled with the following additional software features:

  • PowerDVD 14 UHD-BD
  • Power2Go 8
  • PowerDirector 14 LE
  • InstantBurn 5
  • Label Print 2.5
  • PhotoDirector 5 LE

Now, here are Pioneer’s core specs for the BDR-211UBK:

Write Support 

BD BD-R (Single/Dual/Triple/Quadruple layer)

BD-RE (Single/Dual/Triple layer)




Read Support                  

BD Ultra HD Blu-ray (BD-ROM Dual/Triple layer),

BD-ROM (Single/Dual layer),

 BD-R (Single/Dual/Triple/Quadruple layer),

 BD-RE (Single/Dual/Triple layer)

 DVD         DVD-ROM (Single/Dual layer),DVD-Video, DVD-R,DVD-R DL,DVD-  RW,DVD+R,DVD+R DL,DVD+RW,DVD-RAM

CD           CD-ROM (Mode 1&2),CD-ROM XA, Photo CD(Single/Multi-session),Video CD, CD-DA, CD-Extra, CD-R, CD-RW

Interface  Serial ATA Revision 3.0

Write Support                 

BD-R     2x,4x,6x,8x,10x,12x,16x

-R DL     2x,4x,6x,8x,10x,12x,14x

-R TL      2x,4x,6x,8x

-R QL     2x,4x,6x

-R LTH       2x,4x,6x,8x

-RE         2x

-RE DL   2x

-RE TL    2x

DVD       -R           1x,2x,4x,6x,8x,12x,16x

-R DL     2x,4x,6x,8x

-RW       1x,2x,4x,6x

+R          2.4x,4x,6x,8x,12x,16x

+R DL    2.4x,4x,6x,8x

+RW      2.4x,3.3x,4x,6x,8x

-RAM    2x,3x,5x

CD          -R           4x,10x,16x,24x,32x,40x

-RW       4x,10x,16x,24x

Read Support                

BD-ROM (single)             12x Max

BD-ROM (Dual)                8x Max

BD-ROM (Triple)             4x Max

DVD-ROM (Single)         16x Max

DVD-ROM (Dual)            12x Max

CD-ROM                        40x Max

Data Buffer                     4 MB

Mounting Orientation     Horizontal or Vertical

Dimensions(mm)           148 mm x 42.3 mm x 180 mm (W x H x D)

Weight                           740 g

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  • Gadgety
    March 8, 2017 at 6:01 am

    @Stephan Jukic “Built to support the new 4K Blu-ray media along with all traditional disc formats like CD, DVD, and HD Blu-ray, the BDR-211UBK delivers what no other disc burner has yet offered for the UHD Blu-ray format.” On Jan 26 you posted another announcement for two other Pioneer 4k Blu-ray drives, Pioneer’s BDR-S11K-BK and BDR-S11J-X. How about listing the spec differences?


    • Stephen
      March 8, 2017 at 11:34 am

      Hey there Gadgety, the 211UBK is a piece of disc burning hardware as well as a player, the other two models that I covered in my other news piece were to my knowledge simply disc players for 4K Blu-ray. I may cover the specs differences between the three in a follow-up post.


  • Brian
    March 31, 2017 at 10:17 am

    Hi, where is this drive for sale in the US? I’m unable to find it. Thanks.


  • peter
    April 10, 2017 at 4:47 am

    Hi its not available anywhere yet


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