These are the new 4K ultra HD TVs that Philips is Bringing to you in 2015

by on March 24, 2015

Stephan Jukic – March 24, 2015

Philips isn’t as big a name in the 4K TV landscape as LG, Samsung or Sony but it does hold its own quite well when it comes to quality, and for 2015, the company is bringing its potential customers a whole range of upper-end features that include enhanced picture quality, Android TV, amped up sound and a touch of fine European craftsmanship too.

All of these improvements could also essentially mean that the company’s vision of 4K TV success is going to really start paying off. To date, Philips UHD TVs haven’t gotten nearly the attention of their more robust cousins from the big three of Samsung, Sony and LG but the company looks like it’s definitely aiming to change that and to get more retailers to actually carry its new 4K televisions.

The thing is that Philips has been offering a strong selection of high quality ultra HD 4K TVs since 2014and this year, the company is continuing this policy by unveiling even newer, more advanced models that combine a European minimalist design style with the best video processing specs that TP Vision can put into them. Furthermore, Philips is also relying heavily on its own ability to source and build native components.

The end result of all this for 2015 so far has been the recent launch of a very nice and powerful range of new 4K ultra HD TV models for the first half of the year.

These new TVs offer larger screen sizes, Android TV, improved sound and an overall minimalist design that matches some of the best offered by other manufacturers on the name-brand side of the scale.

Furthermore, the 2015 line-up is also getting the kind of retailer support that will actually make these new models easier to find in assorted stores.

According to Philips itself, the majority of its Smart TVs are connected to the web and a large percentage of their TV users regularly use the televisions for regularly accessing VoD services of both the 4K variety in some cases and more commonly in Full HD. Apps that have particularly grown in popularity include Netflix and YouTube, both of which offer a reasonable and growing selection of 4K content.

Also, 80% of Philip’s new TV lineup of both the 4K and Full HD variety will include Android TV under the Lollipop operating system. This means that Philips can then combine the Google Play store with their own Cloud TV and Smart TV Alliance app portal. This will also include a dedicated button in this year’s remote controls that launches Android TV at the click of a button.

Furthermore, Philips wants to expand its 4K and HD TVs into the gaming sphere this year, which means that there will be an offer of both cloud gaming and downloadable gaming through EA and Gameloft. Interestingly, this new angle on the 2015 4K UHD TV lineup from the company should make the overall experience of playing games in 4K resolution a lot easier and more convenient to manage for fans of the games available through these services.

Philips has also placed emphasis on the sound quality of its new models based on a guess that this is one of the more important features to consumers.

Thus, the new 4K TVs will include a special bass port that helps generate more low frequencies than was previously the case. Furthermore, the TVs will use backfiring speakers due to their potential for bigger size and better efficiency.

Philip's 7600 4K ultra HD TV for 2015, the largest model

Philip’s 7600 4K ultra HD TV for 2015, the largest model

Finally, the 2015 models will include a whole plethora of image quality enhancing features that include Micro Dimming Pro, Perfect Natural Motion, Local Contrast and Super Resolution. All of these combined with the additional pixels offered by the TVs’ 4K resolution will result in what Philips is calling a greatly superior upscaled image for both native 4K and HD content of all kinds. And the TVs in the 6000 and above series will also feature the much more vibrant technology of 10-bit color, as opposed to the 8 bit of older models. This is being added as a preliminary feature before the expected inclusion of High Dynamic Range in the second half of 2015.

The 2015 4K models include the 6400 and the 7600. The latter of the two is the most powerful with a quad-core processor and a range of proprietary image and speed enhancement features.

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  • John Fak
    March 25, 2015 at 9:09 am


    Potential buyers should be aware that there are no more Philips TVs.

    Philips sold the rights to sell TVs under this brand to some Chinese guys called TPV that are paying big time to Philips so they can scam you.

    TPV has nothing to do with Philips and their manufacturing process.
    Sadly this happens too often these days.


  • Leonard Perella
    January 18, 2017 at 4:36 pm

    I fell really disappointed I thought I was buying a quality tv


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