Philips Releases a Warped 55 Inch Beast of a Curved 4K TV

by on September 3, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – September 3d, 2014

The new 4K TV technology developments and product releases just keep emerging in a cascade from the IFA 2014 technology convention in Berlin, Germany that’s running during the early days of September.

From LG to Sony to Samsung and Toshiba, it seems that every major player on the 4K display landscape has something t offer and Panasonic has joined this same race just like the other players.

From the company comes the revelation of their first ever 4K Ultra HD TV with a stylishly curved screen display; three different models to be exact.

Now, while curved screens in 4K TVs are certainly not new given that Samsung, Sony and later LG all already sell models with this supposedly more immersive design feature, this is a definite first for Panasonic.

The company has unleashed a trio of new televisions with 4K at the IFA trade show and one of these three models features the new screen curvature.

This headline grabbing (for Philips) TV is called the 8900 series and it comes with a 55 inch screen that also features a three sided Amblight design that adjusts screen brilliance based on different audience “mood settings”. The TV also comes with the promise of maximal image sharpness and full 3D support. Furthermore, the backlighting of the new 8900 will adjust screen brilliance based on ambient lighting conditions for consistently “vibrant” viewing of content.

Also, in a wonderful new upgrade for Panasonic, the new TV’s user interface is powered by an internal Android 4.2.2 Jellybean operating system version and gives users access to plenty of Google Play apps. Even better still, the HDMI connectivity of the new TV is 2.0 instead of the older 1.4, meaning that the refresh rate of content uploaded and played via HDMI cable from other devices will be a very smooth and much nice 60 frames per second instead of the previous and choppy 30 fps.

Another excellent improvement of the new curved Philips TV (aside from the curved screen itself) is also the compatibility with HEVC video decoding that the company is finally installing in many of its 4K TV models. Sony and Samsung have already been doing this for a while and now that Philips has joined them, it means that fans of the brand can finally enjoy some of the latest and best native 4K streamed content from sources such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, both of which compress their 4K transmissions through HEVC before sending them across broadband networks.

In addition to the show stealing Philips 8900 curved TV, the next addition from the company are also the Philips 9100, which lacks a curved screen but does offer a whole host of robust additional entertainment enhancing specs such as a wireless subwoofer, a 4 sided Amblight “mood lighting” design and a wider size diversity that includes not only a 55 inch model but also a 65 inch version.

Philips 4K TVs on Display at IFA

Philips 4K TVs on Display at IFA

And Finally, Philips is also using IFA to showcase its 7900 model of 4K TVs, which, according to the company, is the most affordable 4K Android TV on the market today. Despite its supposedly low price tag, the 7900 also features some excellent technology such as its Pixel Precise Ultra HD upscaling engine for turning any displayed Full HD 1080p content into something more in line with UHD level resolution.

All three new Philips TVs feature ultra slim designs and will be available for sale in the third quarter of this year.

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