Philips has come out with a new 40 inch 4K monitor for just $870

by on October 30, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – October 30th, 2014

As many people in the online gaming and professional PC based design worlds know, the market for 4K monitors is heating up practically month by month and all sorts of new screens are coming out on sale for ever lower prices. This is happening in tandem with a steady move by PC and chip makers like Origin PC and Nvidia in the direction of putting together desktop machines and GPUs that are much better at handling the new resolution more fluidly than was originally possible.

Now, Philips has also moved into this market in a big way, literally, with its latest, huge, 4K display monitor for desktops.

When it comes to PC monitors, the new Philips screen is almost the size of a smaller Ultra HD TV at 40 diagonal inches and this is excellent news for gamers and design pros who are falling in love with 4K graphics. Why? Because, the bigger the size of a UHD screen, the better interface elements in operating systems like Windows 8.1 scale properly. The pixels per inch have a lot to do with this and the lower their density, the better the scaling.

In  monitors with a size above 27 inches, PPI decreases to below 160 and the lower this number, the better. With the 40 inch screen of the Phillips BDM4065UC, on-screen PPI density is truly close to ideal.

The new Philips PC monitor is a 40 inch 4K package that offers a standard Ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels (as opposed to the higher cinema grade resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels), a refresh rate of 60Hz a 5000:1 contrast ratio and a very nice brightness of 300cd/m2.

It also gives its users the benefit of 176 degree viewing angles, 8 bit color depth and a sRGB color gamut.

Furthermore, and this only makes sense given its sheer size, the screen offers Picture in Picture and Picture by Picture display options.

In terms of connectivity, the 4065UC is well equipped, with VGA, RS232, Display Port 1.2 and Mini DisplayPort ports on its backside. It also offers 2 HDMI 1.4 ports and a single MHL port for mobile high definition connections.

The back side of the new Philips BDM4065UC 40-inch 4K PC monitor

The back side of the new Philips BDM4065UC 40-inch 4K PC monitor

Unfortunately, as noted, the HDMI ports are only capable of 30Hz refresh rates given their lower end 1.4 caliber but connecting to a PC for 60 frames per second (assuming your GPU can handle that) is definitely possible thanks to the DisplayPort 1.2 and Mini DisplayPort connectivity options.

Overall however, despite the capacity for 60Hz DisplayPort connectivity, this isn’t truly a gaming PC monitor and is geared by Philips more towards the professional graphics designer and visual editing market. Nonetheless, PC gaming fans who want it anyhow will definitely benefit from the DisplayPort connectivity and the 3 millisecond grey-to-grey response time thanks to Philips’ SmartResponse pixel overdrive technology.

Best of all, this enormous PC monitor doesn’t disappoint on pricing either. Instead of the expected steep retail price tag, Philips gave it a suggested retail price of just $870 USD. This is a seriously excellent offer considering the fact that many competitor 4K PCs with much smaller screens cost the same or even more in some cases.

The BDM4065UC will be going on sale as of mid-December, in anticipation of Christmas purchasing presumably.

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