The Philips 55PUS7809: One extremely well priced 55″ 4K TV

by on August 5, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – August 5th, 2014

While smaller 4K TVs are still a ways off from going down to the $1500 dollar price range, some of them are getting closer to this mark. The Phillips 55PUS7809 is a great example.

Not only is this a 4K TV from a major electronics brand, it’s also loaded with numerous high end features and comes with a very respectable 55” inch diagonal screen size. Furthermore, at a suggested retail price of just $2500, it’s a lot more affordably priced than many of its name brand cousins.

While this 4K TV isn’t as feature rich or fantastic on image quality as a more expensive Samsung or Sony model of the same size might be, it is still a 4K UHD TV and for its price it offers plenty of excellent specs.

The screen is 55 inches in diagonal width and comes with LED backlighting for maximal brightness and color contrast. Native 4K UHD resolution at 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. Smart TV with video services and DLNA USB/network playback features. It also comes with built in passive 3D playback and 4 glasses come included with the set. Now, while Philips did have to sacrifice some of the higher end quality of more expensive TVs in the same size range, you’re still getting a very robust 4K set for your living room.

This TV sends a powerful message to consumers and retailers of just how aggressive 4K TV pricing is becoming and this trend should continue at the same or an even faster pace in the coming months.


As is the case with most Philips TVs, the 55PUS7809 is a very elegant looking set. The entire bezel as it surrounds the top and two sides of the screen is nearly razor thin at less than a centimeter in width, thus maximizing image size and keeping obtrusiveness to a minimum. Furthermore, the brushed aluminum finish lends a very modern look to the set.

The stand is well built and sturdy while at the same time being as minimally wide as possible, giving the TV a nearly “suspended” appearance as it sits in place.

Additionally, in terms of visual features, this Philips TV comes with one particularly cool technological innovation. It features a proprietary Ambilight LED array design that Philips installs in many of its TVs. What this means is that the TV uses LEDs down its rear and sides to push out pools of light for the edges. These light pools can then be set to neatly match the color spectrum of the video content you’re watching, and since any one LED can be controlled individually, the accuracy of that LED matching is exquisite for illuminating brighter colors on the screen itself.

Other excellent screen display features include a robust 600Hz emulation, and a contrast system that works on Philips Micro Dimming Pro system, which instead of using local dimming, breaks the screen down into hundreds of small “blocks” which are then analyzed by the internal computer for constantly optimized picture settings.

Now while the above screen features are fantastic at this price, Philips did make some unfortunate sacrifices on this particular 4K model. The two most damaging deficiencies are that A. it doesn’t support HDMI 2.0 and that it cannot decode the new HEVC format for 4K transmissions. Both Sony and Samsung TVs have both features fully integrated into their latest 4K models and their absence in the 55PUS7809 is a major problem: HDMI 2.0 is vital for playing 4K streaming video at speeds above a measly 30 frames per second and the lack of HEVC decoding capacity means that this particular model can’t display any of the latest 4K content from Netflix, which is currently the biggest producer of 4K shows on the market.

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