A Peek at the 4k Possibilities and Other Rumors Around the Samsung Galaxy S6

by on August 21, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – August 21rst, 2014

Samsung has been falling victim to some declining sales figures thanks to powerful competition from other name brand Asian and international electronics vendors. What this means is that the company simply cannot afford to come up with a subpar future flagship smartphone.

What this specifically means for the highly anticipated Galaxy S6 (which is still well away from an official release date) is that it’s likely to pack some possibly unique and interesting features in terms of body, processing power and maybe even 4K display.

Samsung has already recently launched the first metal body smartphone they’ve ever produced in the form of the Galaxy Alpha and the Galaxy Note 4 phablet is expected for early September, but the electronics manufacturer’s S6 phone is already a highly anticipated device among Samsung fans.

Speculations about a metallic body and a number of other interesting specs are making the rounds across the web.

According to Samsung’s SVP of product strategy, Yoon Han-kil speaking in April of this year, the future phones of the company will have “an all new form factor” and for those in the phone watching world who are following this claim, the anticipation is that the S6 will be launched at the Mobile World Congress, held every year in March. This is when Samsung has released several of its previous S series phones and the expectation is that the same is gonna be the case with the S6 for March of 2015.

Regardless of rumors about it coming with a completely new “form factor”, metal body and several other high end features we’re about to delve into, the likelihood that the S6 will cost less than a $1000 USD is quite high. This is likely because Samsung, however good its phones’ reputation, simply cannot ask for too much money from consumers given all the competition for truly high end smartphones that the company is seeing from makers such as LG, Sony, Apple and even Acer more recently.

According to highly plausible speculation, the Galaxy S6 will come with much more powerful chipsets and may feature the new PC grade processing power of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 series of chips, possibly the 808 or the even more powerful 810 line. This alone is an impressive feature for a smartphone since the Snapdragon chips that Qualcomm is coming out with are 64 bit hexa-core processors with full support for 2K display. And since Qualcomm recently announced that it has created a newer 810 chip with a 64 bit Octa-core processing capacity, 4K display is now within the scope of these new pieces of phone hardware.

This of course raises an interesting question: Just because the chips Samsung will likely use in its Galaxy S6 can support 4K display, will the company actually install a 4K display?

Given that it is Samsung itself which initially declared that they expect to see smartphones with 4K display coming out by early 2015, the chances of a 4K display seem really likely. It would certainly boost the already high reputation of the S line of phones and temporarily hold Samsung in its position as a smartphone pioneer.

As for the S6’s camera, no information is available yet, but given the existing 20 megapixel or higher cameras found in some of the latest smartphones already on the market, there’s little likelihood that the Galaxy S6 will feature anything less than a 20 megapixel main camera.

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