Panasonic’s New Lumix TS7 is Compact, Rugged As Hell And Comes With 4K Video

by on May 13, 2018
Stephan Jukic – May 13, 2018

The Lumix TS7 has been announced by Panasonic and this little bugger comes with one very rugged finish, a small body and some serious new enhancements over its predecessor on megapixels and video resolution.

Specifically, the new compact camera shakes things up from the company’s earlier body styles while augmenting its megapixel count to 20.4 and its maximum video resolution capacity to 4K ultra HD at 30 or 24 frames per second in MP4 video format. 1080p HD shooting has also been upped to a hefty 120fps, which means that the compact TS7 can be used for some fairly nifty slow motion recordings.

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There are also stop-motion and time-lapse modes built into the TS7 and 4K photo taking is possible via extraction from UHD video captured by the camera. This feature means that any piece of footage can give you 30 possible still shots at 8.29 megapixels and with the added bonus of a post focus mode that lets you change a given 4K video still shot’s focus after it’s been taken. Other features include a 30 fps mode in a reduced megapixel resolution (vs. full 4K video at 24 fps) and a 4K pre-burst setting. On the negative side, video recording in any resolution is limited to 30 minutes (29 and 50 seconds to be exact) at a time.

Panasonic’s New Lumix TS7


Other visual specs include some very nice photo shooting prowess in the TS7. Thus, the camera can grab photos at 11fps with a fixed focus and an 11 shot buffer while also being able to take its 20.4 megapixel photos at 5 fps in continuous focus mode. There is no word yet on the specific autofocus tech in this little camera but Panasonic does claim that it’s very fast due to the addition Of Light Speed AF capacity.  The TS7 comes with a 4.6x optical zoom as well and this part of the camera includes OIS stabilization for both video and still shooting.

Further internal features of the tough little camera consist of WiFi, an integrated compass and an altimeter as well. The TS7 does not have GPS unfortunately but it can still manage geo-tagging of a sort via WiFi and the camera’s app for mobile devices.

Now as far as design features go, well, we said that this was one rugged little camera and we meant it seriously. The TS7 has been built to handle some rough outdoor conditions and can handle water depths of 102 feet (30 meters), drops of up to 6 feet, 220pound-feet of external pressure and temperatures as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit. It also comes with the rather unique inclusion of a viewfinder, which is rather small at 0.2 inches and 1.17 million dots but still impressive considering how uncommon they are in cameras of this size. There’s also a 3 inch 1040 dot LCD screen below the viewfinder.

panasonic lumix ts7

Regarding its price and release date, Panasonic is putting the compact little camera on the market in early summer with a list price of $450. Three color options will also be available: blue, orange and black.

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