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Panasonic’s New 4K HDR Blu-ray Players for 2019 Come Packed With Advanced Video Technology

by on January 10, 2019
Stephan Jukic – January 10, 2019

Just as Sony and others have done at this year’s CES Event, Panasonic has also unveiled a new line of 4K ultra HD Blu-ray players, called the DP-UB150 and the DP-UB450.

Both models support the latest HDR standards in the form of the new HDR10+ standard, which is the replacement to HDR10 and designed to adjust high dynamic range more finely on a frame-by-frame basis like rival Dolby Vision does. The pricier of the two 4K Blu-ray players, the UB450  also happens to support Dolby Vision as well, giving viewers the best of both worlds for high quality high dynamic range.

Both 4K Blu-ray players also support Dolby Atmos audio from external sound systems like sound bars or speaker arrays and this combined with their 4K and HDR support specs essentially make both devices work as fully immersive home theater platforms, as long as you also have the right kind of ultra HD TV in your home to handle what the DP-UB150 and the DP-UB450 can throw at it.


As for 4K Blu-ray itself, it may not be anywhere close to the dominant ultra HD media format on the market today but as an alternative to streaming it has its serious benefits. Currently, several hundred different 4K HDR Blu-ray titles are available for sale from assorted retailers including and Best Buy for one thing. And more importantly, for 4K HDR TV owners who don’t have access to the sort of high speed internet with at least 25Mbps of consistent connectivity that’s necessary for smooth ultra HD resolution flow, UHD Blu-ray is a powerful and versatile alternative. It’s also worth mentioning that the native video quality of 4K Blu-ray media is actually somewhat better than the 4K resolution you’ll get from a streamed UHD movie from a source like Netflix, mainly due to compression differences and transmission medium.

Panasonic’s new 4K Blu-ray players offer the full package for enjoying the best of what UHD BD discs have to offer and the HDR features of the DP-UB450 model in particular make for some guaranteed high level picture quality for users who have the right kind of TV, such as the models we’ve ranked in our main 4K HDR TV page by quality and price for different budgets.

Panasonic hasn’t yet released price or release date details on its latest UHD projectors but we expect them to go on sale before summer of 2019.

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  • jack
    January 12, 2019 at 5:58 am

    Disc media is as old as a dinosaur. Why can’t they release say a 400 mega disc changer like Sony did for the original Blu ray ? interchanging a single movie is so old. At the very least release a 3 or 5 disc changer when you sit on the couch and pick up the remote your so use of so much selective media and going though a catalog of films opening the disc tray loading the disc is ancient .
    It is the way you have to go about watching a movie on disc not the disc it’s self because that is full of more options then itunes ot netflex so hoe about making a new 100 disc or 200 disc changer instead of oh yes a new model of the same old.


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