Panasonic’s AX902 4K New TV will Adjust its internal lighting conditions to your environment

by on September 2, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – September 2nd, 2014

Panasonic has revealed its new AX902 4K Ultra HD TV with LED LCD technology at the now opening 2014 IFA Tech conference in Berlin, Germany. With this new TV, what they’ve also done is created a model that includes full array local dimming and Panasonic’s own proprietary local dimming specialized technology that helps boost the TVs supposedly exquisite color reproduction technology.

One additional and very interesting feature of the AX902 is its ability to analyze lighting conditions of any room it’s placed in and then adjust its video signal processing and backlighting to ambient light conditions in a way that, according to Panasonic itself will, “deliver picture quality which is a perfect match for your living room”. This feature is in fact a complete first for the TV industry according to Panasonic.

Furthermore, according to the company, this new model features the best yet visual specs of any Panasonic 4K TV yet produced and will thus deliver a truly stunning and highly competitive home entertainment experience.

This feature alone makes the A902 quite unique among 4K TVs on the market, which is a remarkable thing given just how many interesting specs most of them happen to come with.

In addition to the proprietary local dimming adjustment quality, the AX902 also comes with a quad core Pro5 processor for maximal rendering of visual images and the TV’s user interface and it also includes a “Beyond Smart” (According to Panasonic) set of smart TV and user interface design features.

The new Panasonic TV will also come with full ability to decode HEVC signals and thus will be a 4K TV model with total compatibility with Netflix and Amazon Prime Ultra HD streaming content services, which both offer some of the newest and best online 4K content available today.

Up to now, HEVC was not available in any previous Panasonic UHD TVs, so the addition is an extremely useful one for the company, especially given that competing TV models from Sony, LG and Samsung all have HEVC compatibility built in.

Connectivity isn’t half bad with a four socket selection of HDMI 2.0 ports designed to support 4K at 60fps along with one DisplayPort socket for making sure that you can connect any third party 4K producing technology you also happen to have in your home to the Panasonic TV. Furthermore, the TV includes full HDCP 2.2 copyright protection for making the T usable with certain streams of copy protected content.

So far, there’s no price tag on the new Panasonic TV but it’s unlikely to be a very low cost model given all of these technological innovations that the company has packed into it.

Panasonic AX902 on Display

Panasonic AX902 on Display at IFA 2014

The entire series of AX902 TVs will be available in both 55 and 65 inch models and will also feature a sleek minimalist design that’s free of protruding hardware. The company promises that the new TV will use only glass and metal surface materials for its construction, thus promising a highly elegant look that’s perfect for any modern living room.

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