Panasonic’s Amazing new Flagship 4K TVs Hitting Stores in November

by on October 21, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – October 21, 2014

We’ve discussed the latest developments from Panasonic’s 4K TV pipeline already and we’ve certainly covered speculation on the new AX900 line of flagship Ultra HD TVs from the company but now they’re finally going to be reaching stores as of this coming November and speculation of all kinds will finally be put to rest.

Just yesterday, Panasonic announced the imminent release of its 65 inch AX900 and 85 inch AX850 TVs and claims that both will be available as of next month in Best Buy stores and on the Panasonic website.

While pricing for both TVs is still not being made public, there is still plenty of speculation going around about that aspect of the new models. According to the latest tech world rumors, the AX900 will be retailing for at least $7,000 and its much larger 85 inch AX850 version will go on sale for a whopping $14,000.

The AX850 will be a major monster in its class when it starts to go on sale. The sheer size of the TV’s display is simply dazzling and the absolutely optimal 4K resolution is going to be the best that Panasonic has to offer so far given all the new technologies and features that the company has packed into the TV.

These will include screen illumination that adjusts to ambient lighting, top notch black level reproduction and a new series of color palette technology improvements that are designed to recreate the exact color experience intended by the original movie directors’ productions of films and TV shows. This last feature also isn’t just hype, it’s actually the result of a collaborative effort between certain movie production teams and Panasonic’s own Hollywood Laboratories division.

While the AX850 is one impressive television, the smaller AX900 also has an incredible package to offer. In fact, the TV is truly the ultimate delivery of Panasonic’s best in terms of 4K technology.

Panasonic AX900 on Display

Panasonic’s AX900 line of 4K TVs, which are fully HEVC capable

The company promises that its new AX900 is an LCD TV that finally manages to recreate the sheer quality of plasma screen picture quality (but without the problems that plasma suffered from). The AX900 offers one of the most advanced direct LED backlighting systems on the market today and offers a 5x 5 matrix local dimming system that supposedly completely eliminates the “Halo” effect found in many previous LED TVs with direct backlighting.

In fact, the AX900 is supposed to deliver the nest contrast between deep rich blacks and sparkling bright colors that can be found outside the extremely expensive OLED TV technology that’s currently only available from LG’s new 4K TVs.

Both new Panasonic TVs have been THX 4K certified as having absolutely optimal stability and image quality and both new models offer the latest specs such as 60fps capable HDMI 2.0, full HEVC support and quad-core Pro5 processors for super-high speed rendering and responsiveness of the Smart TV interface.

We’ll just have to wait until November to finally know the actual price tags of these two highly anticipated Ultra HD TV additions to the market.

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