Panasonic enters the OLED 4K TV market at IFA 2015: Finally some competition to LG’s OLED TVs

by on September 6, 2015

Stephan Jukic – September 06, 2015

According to a recent on-scene report from the website, OLED in 4K UHD TVs will no longer be the exclusive domain of LG. Now Panasonic is also getting in on this high tech action with their new model the TX-65CZ950 TV.

The set, which according to a number of early overviews looks absolutely spectacular, offers a 65 inch 4K UHD screen with full Organic Light Emitting Diode technology and also supports HDR content.

Furthermore, while the device isn’t yet confirmed for a U.S release date, its retail price tag in the European Union is expected to hover around the €10,000 mark, or just a bit over $11,000 US dollars. In other words, at least for the time being, the arrival of a new OLED 4K TV maker isn’t exactly going to create reducing competitive pricing for these exquisite ultra-premium TVs.

Of course, this is also to be expected. OLED technology is very expensive and difficult to produce and comes with something of a limited market due to its subsequently high price tag. This is a sort of self-reinforcing popularity restriction that won’t break easily without quite a bit more wider innovative pressure in the industry.

Going back to the TX-65CZ950 itself, this TV comes with a design that’s very similar to that found in LG’s own 4K OLED TVs. We once again are seeing a slightly curved screen with an ultra-thin panel that no conventional LED/LCD TV can hope to match. The result is a level of modernistic attractiveness that goes well beyond the conventional. In other words, the TX-65CZ950 looks nearly identical to one of its 2015 OLED rivals.

Panasonic claims its OLED 4K TV will offer even better black levels than LG's famous OLED models

Panasonic claims its OLED 4K TX-65CZ950 will offer even better black levels than LG’s famous OLED models

As for display quality, it is apparently just as good as can be expected from OLED mixed with 4K resolution. Color accuracy is reportedly exquisite and illumination control of the same pixel-level perfect kind that’s characteristic of OLED TVs.

Furthermore, the HDR capacity is a clear byproduct of a technology in which the TV display can completely shut off all internal light to anywhere except a single area that should be illuminated, even down to the scale of a single tiny pixel.

According to the reporting from Tomsguide, the TV does however suffer from an excessive level of screen glare on its glossy display and the brightly lit environment of the IFA convention floor only served to underline this design flaw.

There are also some deeper differences between the TX-65CZ950 and its LG rivals. This model will be the very first of its kind (OLED) to also come with THX certification –a feature of other high-end Panasonic 4K TVs—and this of course means having been put through the admittedly extremely rigorous audio and video testing that THX puts all TVs with such certification through.

Additionally, Panasonic is claiming that the TX-65CZ950 will offer an even better level of black than the already incredible blacks of LG’s OLED TVs. However, more details on how this will be done have not yet been given.

With a wider release to the market, better examination of Panasonic’s OLED TV will be possible and side-by-side comparison with LG’s OLED models of equal size is a definite must for the near future.

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