Panasonic unveils new next-generation HDR 4K TV

by on October 8, 2015

Stephan Jukic – October 08, 2015

At CEATEC 2015 in Japan recently, Panasonic introduced a new 4K UHD HDR TV that is essentially a prototype for the next generation of HDR for the company. Previously in early 2015, Panasonic already released another 4K model for the consumer market, called the CX850U, which came with HDR but without the technology being called by its name in the model. Now, the new prototype at CEATAC 2015 is showing off what seems to be a further improved version of this contrast enhancing spec, according to a press release from Panasonic.

The new technology, whose acronym stands for high dynamic range features an expanded depth of black accompanies by a heightened brightness of white light on a TV screen, thus producing a wider in-between range of dark and light levels. Furthermore, HDR, at least in order to work properly and at its best in a 4K TV, has to be accompanied by a very precise capacity for local dimming behind the screen.

That said, the three major manufacturers of genuine HDR TVs have to date been Sony, Samsung and LG with its exquisite OLED TVs and their pixel-perfect capacity for lighting and dimming, as well as their ability to create perfect black tones with complete light omission.

Furthermore, HDR technology is a virtually guaranteed part of the future of 4K UHD TV mechanics since the new display spec creates such an immediately obvious improvement over conventional standard dynamic range (SDR) in conventional LED/LCD 4K or HD TVs. Unlike 4K resolution itself, which is hard to distinguish from Full HD at large distances on a smaller screen, HDR is visible right off the bat on almost any screen size at any normal viewing distance.

The Inclusion of HDR in a 4K UHD TV makes an instantly visible display improvement

The Inclusion of HDR in a 4K UHD TV makes an instantly visible display improvement

Panasonic is likely also viewing this technology as a definite part of the 4K display future and wants to also have its place on the premium 4K TV market. Thus, the new HDR UHD TV.

The new television reportedly delivers superbly as far as dynamic range is concerned and the visual results are more realistic than normal for the manufacturers TVs, even their other premium 4K models.

The HDR was present at the company’s booth in this year’s CEATAC electronic trade show in Tokyo, Japan and apparently does some very faithful reproductions of the high brightness, deep dark richness and high contrast that are supposed to come with any HDR display technology worth its name.

With a 65 inch screen, the presentation model TV isn’t particularly large as far as some 4K televisions go but if it can display as beautifully realistic visuals on the consumer market as Panasonic is showing it do in demonstrations, size doesn’t matter as much as impact on the consumers eyes. This new model definitely has the potential to make Panasonic one of the leaders in the 4K UHD TV market for the end of 2015 and into 2016.

Currently, we don’t have any further information on an upcoming release date for Panasonic’s new HDR 4K TV, or pricing information and tidbits on which markets it should hit first but we will be following up on this story as it develops further.

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