Panasonic’s upcoming new 4K 20 inch Toughpad Tablet gets upgraded to a new processor

by on April 15, 2015

Stephan Jukic – April 15, 2015

If you’re looking to finally see a normal sized tablet with enough heart stopping resolution to make you wish you had perfect eyesight, then the Panasonic Toughpad 4K UHD tablet is your bill of goods.

Furthermore, Panasonic, the same company which makes such a fine range of 4K TVs, has upgraded their new Toughpad 4K so that it comes with a new processor and connection port.

The now updated tablet comes with a fifth-generation Intel Core i5 vRO processor, which is a very powerful step up from the original fourth-generation chip that was previously for the Toughpad. Furthermore, the new device comes with a brand new HDMI 2. Port, which means that owners of the device can now connect it to a broad range of peripheral media devices and also feed 4K content to the device at a much smoother 60Hz frame rate that makes 4K resolution look all the better.


Panasonic has also announced a cradle that lets you basically turn the Toughpad into a miniature (but really, not so small at all) 4K UHD PC. Given its 20 inch screen, this means a tablet being turned into one very robust 4K PC laptop.

Additionally, as the Toughpad’s name clearly indicates, this is one tough little gadget, with enough strength and ruggedness built into it to withstand even a five foot drop against a hard surface.

Best of all however is the simple fact that we’re talking here about a tablet with a deeply impressive 4K ultra HD display which offers 3840 x 2160 pixels, all packed with exquisite density into that relatively small 20 inch screen. This display also comes in a 15:10 aspect ratio and has more than enough processing power to handle it, thanks to that new processing chip we’d already mentioned.

On the other hand, for all its benefits, the Toughpad does of course have at least one major downside; it is not at all cheap. In fact, with a price tag of $3,000, it will set you back even more than many 4K PC monitors, laptops and even Smart TV enabled 4K televisions.

Nonetheless, if you want a device that can do and excellent job of handling resolution and detail intensive video editing and design work while remaining extremely portable, the Toughpad is your ideal choice.

According to Panasonic, the new 20 inch 4K ultra HD Toughpad tablet will be available for sale as of July, 2015.

While 4K smartphones still remain elusive, ultra HD tablet PCs are indeed starting to emerge, albeit very slowly and at hefty prices. The Toughpad is only the latest example of such a technology and in this case includes a Windows OS and a large but not absurdly large screen size.

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