Panasonic releases the VIERA TH85X940M Premium 85 inch LED/LCD 4K TV to Middle Eastern markets

by on May 26, 2015

Stephan Jukic – May 26, 2015

Among the fairly numerous selections of superb 4K TVs that have emerged in late 2014 and 2015 from all the big brands, Panasonics UHD TVs are some of the top models. Among these, one in particular really stands out, both in terms of specs and literally, because it really is a beast of a TV at 85 inches.

We’re referring of course, to the monstrous VIERA TH85X940M 4K LED/LCD TV and its broad range of cutting edge image and audio technologies.

This offering from the long Panasonic line is now being offered on the Middle Eastern market and represents truly a top-shelf piece of hardware with its assortment of intelligent interface, functionality and picture quality technologies.

According to Shimpei Tsujigami, Panasonic’s own General Manager of the company’s Audio/Video and Digital Imaging department, “Our new 85” TV provides a life-like large-screen viewing experience in vivid 4K image quality. It is a WiFi enabled smart TV with the finest features providing more accurate color expression than ever before. It comes with 4 pairs of 3D eyewear, and Touch Pad remote which makes the viewing experience more enjoyable. The impact, detail and magnificent experience that an 85 inch 4K image brings to the living room is truly impressive.”

And to be honest, Shimpei isn’t really exaggerating on this particular model. Right off the bat, Panasonic 4K TVs, such as the 2014 model AX900 or the even more outfitted 2015 model the TC-55CX850U, are truly some of the best on the market and come very close to competing effectively with even the very best on offer from the three biggest players on the market, LG, Samsung and Sony.

the 85 inch 4K Panasonic Viera LED Smart TV TH-85X940Z

the 85 inch 4K Panasonic Viera LED Smart TV TH-85X940Z

As for all these tech goodies in the gigantic VIERA TH85X940M, they’re quite numerous and listing a few of them off is in order:

For starters, there is the Studio Master Drive rendering technology. This feature is very effective at giving the viewer a much more accurate than normal gradation between dark and bright while also delivering some truly excellent black expression for the darkest of scenes. Outside the most advanced HDR technologies coming out right now for 4K TVs, the contrast range of Studio Master Drive is absolutely top notch.

Then of course there is Panasonic’s own high performance image processing engine, the 4K Fine Remaster Engine 2. While hype is everywhere in the visual electronics industry, this particular Panasonic engine definitely lives up to its promises. It’s almost immaculate at rendering highly intricate and detailed 4K imagery on the screen and it also achieves some truly elegant and beautiful 4K image quality thanks to technology that crushes noise down to nearly nothing and augments image motion clarity to surprising sharpness levels.

Furthermore, the Remaster Engine 2 applies itself with equal skill to a wide range of content sources, including streaming web video, broadcast content (what little of it there is in 4K) and VOD set-top box movies.

Finally, there is Panasonic’s own Studio Master Color technology. While not quite as exquisite as the quantum nano-crystal technologies of Sony’s Triluminous Display or Samsung and LG’s Quantum Dot TVs, Panasonic’s version of color enhancement does do a fine job of giving your 4K video some truly excellent vibrancy. This is done partly because of a specially developed and unique LED backlight and partly because of the color processing engine itself. The overall result is a color space that delivers on 98% of the entire DCI standard and maximizes realism. Combined with The contrast enhancing engine of the VIERA TH85X940M, Studio Master Color creates more than excellent video reproduction in 4K resolution on the enormous 85 inch screen.

Of course, the TH85X940M is also fully in line with all the latest in video and web connectivity technologies and codecs. Thus, you get the benefit of 4K video decoding through HEVC, the same with Google’s VP9 codec and HDMI 2.0 connections with HDCP 2.2 video content copy protection technology. This means that pretty much all the major and minor sources of 4K content out today are available to the Panasonic TH85X940M.

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