An Overview of the Lenovo Y50 Touch 4K Notebook

by on October 29, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – October 29th, 2014

Here is a favorite laptop of gamers that’s gotten a very cool 4K makeover. The Y50 Touch is one of Lenovo’s latest 4K laptops and a major step up from its previous 1080p Full HD version.

This current version packs in all sorts of processing and memory features but also includes the showpiece addition of a 4K Ultra HD touch display that really shines.

Unfortunately however, while the 4K upgrade really makes any sorts of visual content look spectacularly better, the laptops still possesses a relatively ordinary graphics card. This means that, while displaying images and rendering slow graphics in 4K resolution will work fine, high action gaming and possibly even 4K movies will load problematically.

Lenovo is already known for its popular ThinkPad notebooks and also has a surprising popularity with gamers who appreciate the company’s rather excellent PC gaming desktops and laptops.

This gaming fame is something that Lenovo translated into the 15.6 Y50 Touch laptop. It’s original Full HD 1080p version looked good without being too flashy (a common trait in gaming laptops and desktops) and offered what was a very powerful video processing card for HD resolution, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M.

The Y50 Features a decent GeForce GTX GPU but it's not enough for truly fluid 4K

The Y50 Features a decent GeForce GTX GPU but it’s not enough for truly fluid 4K

However, with the new 4K Ultra HD update, that same graphics card is still in the Y50 and it’s no longer quite enough to really keep things moving at such a large resolution. However, the new UHD screen really has sharpened the laptop’s image quality and color brilliance enormously.

Furthermore, while most games can’t be played at 4K resolution on the screen, older games will get a serious boost to their image clarity thanks to all the new pixels. Even if a casual, high resolution game has been set to its lower detail levels, the sheer PPI of the screen will make sure that you can actually see pixilation even if you look closely.

The Y50 is already on sale and can be picked up at Lenovo’s website, Best Buy, Amazon and a number of other online shopping sites.

Currently it’s retailing at $1,499 and at this price comes with a 256 GB SSD drive, a 16GB RAM, and of course the decently powerful 2GB Nvidia GPU.

Of course it also includes a full wireless package of WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 and comes with Windows 8.1 pre-installed.

In terms of visual appeal, we’re talking about a gaming laptop that doesn’t entirely look like a gaming laptop, making it a decent choice for more serious professionals who want a solid 4K notebook but don’t really care about edgy design features. Overall the Y50 is a much more mainstream looking notebook than what you’d find with some of the laptops sold by more game oriented companies like Alienware or Origin PC.

The 4K display on the Y50 is really a worthwhile upgrade from the original Full HD 1080p screen. It may not be ideal on this particular machine when it comes to higher end 4K gaming, but any professional who wants the laptop for visual design purposes will not at all be disappointed with the UHD resolution.

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