The Original Godzilla is going to be Coming for you in Full 4K Glory!

by on August 30, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – August 30th, 2014

At an obscure laboratory in a Tokyo neighborhood, Godzilla, the original mega monster of the classic 1954 movie and sequels that followed in those days, is roaring his way back to the big screen with a complete 4K makeover. The 4K transfer will let him be revealed to audiences once again but in an Ultra HD resolution that gives more than 4 times the pixel clarity of conventional HD screens and finally captures the original detail of the film reels used to film his movies.

The laboratory is making a careful restoration effort that will remove all sorts of old scratches, discolorations and other defects from the original film reels and then digitize them into a whopping 8K format that will then be resized into display ready 4K.

According to experts, the chemical processes that were used for many high quality old film reels from the years in which Godzilla was filmed created visual capture levels that contained far, far more detail than could actually be projected by the limited technology of the time and even with subsequent digital updates. Until now..

Thanks the development of 4K and even 8K resolution technology, the deep detail of the original chemical film can finally revealed in its full clarity and glory. In the case of the Godzilla films and many other movies from the era, that full resolution when taken in it’s entirely from the film actually amounts to a massive 8K resolution detail.

Under the present experiment, this transfer to 8K clarity is then resized for 4K viewing on the latest TV and projector technology.

So far only a few minutes of the original Godzilla film and its several sequels have been transferred to 4K but the visual results of even these short clips are absolutely stunning.

Faded, damaged and distorted footage of the radiation breathing monster from movie legend is turned into absolutely sharp, crystal clear and extremely vivid video that nearly resembles state of the art animation despite its decades of age.

For the first time ever, the original capacity of the film used for these movies will finally be visible to audiences in all its depth of visual impact.

According to Toshifumi Shimizu of Tokyo Laboratory Co, the studio which is handling the restoration, the visual presentation is much better than the original, “You can feel the impact of the bodies banging into each other under the suits” he said in a recent Associated Press interview.

He also claimed that because this is a digital transfer of real motion capture footage, many scenes are far more real and emotionally impactful than much of the modern CGI that Hollywood and others use for their big action movies.

The details of the cityscapes, models, the rough textured skin of the massive monsters and the overall texture of the entire set as it must have looked to the people shooting it are all finally going to be perfectly visible to audiences thanks to the 4K transfer.

Even the wires used for the motion control of the flying monsters in the original movies will be preserved in the newly digitized footage, in an effort to stick to the true information intention of the original film reels, capturing everything that their chemical capture process etched into the film.

In light of this conversion, what 4K resolution technology and its eventual replacement 8K, promise for classic movies from all the decades previous to the early 21st century is absolutely amazing. For the first time ever the full power of the film detail caught in all those movies will become visible to audiences’ eyes.

Furthermore, the conversion of old movies into modern 4K digital that finally captures such rich chemically produced reel detail could stop a still nagging temporary problem of 4K; the lack of original content for all the new lines of UHD TVs and projectors that are coming out.

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