Optoma’s new 4K Ultra HD Projectors Are Spectacularly Bright And Fully HDR Ready

by on October 29, 2018
Stephan Jukic – October 29, 2018

Even among high-end native 4K home theater projector models from industry leaders like Sony, brightness levels of more than 3000 lumens are fairly rare, and many more economical pixel-shift (pseudo 4K) models barely even reach 2000 or 2500 lumens. Thus, what Optoma has done with two of its latest compact ultra HD projector models stands out as all the more amazing. The two editions can deliver 4500 and a whopping 5000 lumens respectively, while one of them can even comes with a short-throw lens model that lets it deliver large, brilliantly contrast-rich images from just half a meter away.

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The specific models have recently been announced by Optoma and are denominated as the 4K550 and 4K550ST (with the ST standing for short-throw) and both deliver 4K ultra HD imagery at these impressively high lumen counts. The 4K550 model is the brighter of the two since it delivers the 5000 lumens but in either case, we’re talking about stunning luminosity.

Now, we have to note here that both of these projectors are aimed more towards things like corporate meetings, visual simulations and other professional uses but they could also be set up for display of 4K home theater entertainment if you’re inclined towards spending some extra money on high-end projector technology. While the projectors don’t come with their own consumer content interface, any external streaming media device or media player with HDMI could be hooked up to them without a problem. What they can also do is deliver streaming or canned native 4K visuals thanks to an advanced DLP single-chip technology from Texas Instruments, which delivers a full 8.3 million pixels to their projection capacity.

According to Philip Watt, commercial product manager at Optoma Europe,

“We’re excited to build on the success of our 4K UHD home projection range with the launch of our first 4K UHD professional installation models – the 4K550 and 4K550ST.

“These new models bring the benefits of high brightness 4K Ultra HD and short throw to any professional installation or business presentation. With four times the resolution of 1080p and true to life colour reproduction, these new models offer maximum clarity when displaying text and graphics.”

Also important is the fact that both projector models come with full HDR10 display support, meaning that they can be used to show off the latest in ultra HD HDR content from media streamers with apps like Netflix and HDR game content from consoles at a display size that will put even a giant 4K TV completely to shame.

The 4550 model comes with a 1.6x zoom projection lens and both models include vertical lens shift for easy and precise adjustment during installation. They also include more technical connectivity features in the form of RS232C and LAN for simple integration and control through standards like Crestron, IP Link, AMX and PJ-Link.

Optoma 4k550st 4k hdr projector

What we don’t yet know are the prices they’re expected to sell at or their release dates, but we’ll be updating as this info comes in.

Here are some more complete specs for the Optoma 4K550 and 4K550ST models:

  • 4K UHD resolution with HDR10
  • High brightness – 5000 lumens (4K550), 4500 lumens (4K550ST)
  • Installation flexibility – vertical lens shift
  • 1.6x zoom (4K550 only)
  • Short throw lens (4K550ST only)
  • Easy connectivity – 2x HDMI + MHL, VGA, Audio in/out, USB power, 12V trigger
  • Stereo speakers – 2x 5W
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