Prime Day Discount: Monster 4K-Capable Gaming PC With NVIDIA GTX 1080 GPU

by on July 11, 2017

Stephan Jukic – July 11, 2017

Amazon Prime Day deals on PC gaming electronics are also a big thing for today and for the next several hours, some serious discounts are still available. One of these is for the CyberpowerPC Gamer Panzer PVP3020LQ Desktop Gaming PC that’s on sale right now for a modest but still noteworthy 7% discount of $139.00.

In other words, it’s being sold by Amazon right now for $1,760.99, until Prime Day ends.

Gamer Panzer PVP3020LQ

The Cyberpower Gaming PC rig has a ton of built-in hardware ready to go for all your 1440p and 4K UHD PC gaming needs practically out of the box if you happen to have a 4K PC monitor ready for this machine. Some of this beast’s specs and features include a Nvidia GTX 1080 8GB GPU, which we reviewed in late 2016 and which is absolutely built for some very serious, solid fame rate 4K UHD gaming. In addition to this, the Gamer Panzer PVP3020LQ comes with one of Intel’s i7-7700K 4.2 GHz 7th generation CPUs, a gargantuan 32GB DDR4 RAM, a 2TB 7200RPM HDD drive, a 256GB NVMe solid state drive for rapid core software startup and as a fine bonus, the whole machine is fully liquid cooled, allowing you to really let the GPU and frame rate take off for marathon gameplay without worrying about dangerous overheating.

Windows 10 is also obviously part of the Gamer Panzer PVP3020LQ’s package. This of course means that you can also use this PC to watch your favorite ultra HD streaming movies and TV series from Netflix provided you have it hooked up to a newer 4K UHD monitor with HDCP 2.2 integration. This is possible due to this machine’s combination of Intel Core i7 CPU technology GTX-1080 GPU and the Windows OS.

The real winner in the PVP3020LQ is however its NVIDIA graphics card. The GTX-1080 GPU is one of the brand’s next generation Pascal cards, which heve been designed for maximum efficiency during 4K UHD gaming for genuinely smooth high frame rates of well above 40 to 50 FPS for even graphics intense games in native 4K resolution.

imply put, the Gamer Panzer PVP3020LQ is an excellent gaming PC rig option for those of you who simply aren’t inclined to build your own machine from the ground up. And it does offer genuine high frame rate 1440p gaming power while being perfectly good for smooth 4K gaming. The GTX 1080 GPU inclusion alone nearly guarantees all that.

Once again, here’s the Amazon Sale offer page for the Gamer Panzer PVP3020LQ

Nvidia GTX 1080 PC

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