Nvidia’s Massive New “BFG” G-Sync 4K HDR Displays Are Frigging Incredible

by on January 10, 2018
Stephan Jukic – January 10, 2018

At this year’s CES 2018 event, Nvidia revealed what have got to be some of the most stunningly out-of-the-park full-immersion gaming monitors for PC that we’ve ever seen. Called the Big Format Gaming Displays (BFGD), the monitors sports displays of a whopping 65 inches which basically make them the same size as some of today’s larger 4K UHD TVs, but with a strongly PC-oriented design and specs that are perfect for some truly serious, hardcore ultra HD gaming rig arrangements.

The new mega-monitors support 4K HDR passthrough and display, offer up 120 Hz refresh rates and of course, they’re fully optimized for gaming with Nvidia GPUs through the inclusion of G-Sync technology.

Nvidia itself isn’t manufacturing the monitors. Instead, the gaming hardware giant is working with display makers that include Acer, Asus, HP and possibly others to make these monsters, all of which will come with the same AU Optronics display panel regardless of each model’s brand.

The HDR support, combined with the presence of G-Sync technology on the 4K ultra HD displays of these monitors is simply stunning to behold. This applies especially if the screens are used to run actual 4K game graphics or at the least 1440p gaming with a 4K HDR-capable game and a Nvidia GTX 1080Ti beast of a GPU running under the PC hood. The resulting smoothness has to be seen to truly be appreciated and even playing these same games on some of today’s most PC-gaming friendly 4K HDR TVs, such as models from Samsung or LG’s Super UHD SJ-Series televisions, doesn’t quite match how well these BFGD monitors handle the same games in all their smoothness.

The immersiveness and sheer graphic spectacle of the monitors also obviously puts to shame what you’d get from even largish conventional K4 UHD PC gaming monitors in the 27 to 32 inch range or even if they measure at a slightly larger than average 40 inches. This applies particularly because of the refresh rate that the new Nvidia displays can manage. At 120Hz it’s well above the general maximum of 60Hz offered by the vast majority of today’s 4K gaming monitors, even among the most recent 2017 models.

NVidia BFGD 4K G-sync display

We should also note that the new BFGD displays come with Nvidia’s Shield smart OS platform, which is based on Android TV and allows you to use the monitors for all sorts of streaming 4K content from sources like Netflix, Amazon and so forth. That’s a nice bonus on top of the fantastic gaming specs we’re talking about here with these massive screens.

Quite simply, the BFGD’s are the closest thing we’ve seen to perfect heavy duty 4K gaming screens and they’ll completely spoil any gamer we could think of. Their support for HDR10 graphics impresses as well, with full 10-bit color, wide color gamut rendering and high contrast ratios due to high peak brightness. Like we said, the monitors are like 4K HDR TVs physically converted for 4K HDR gaming at its absolute peak, with G-sync and all the trimmings.

Obvoisly, the BFGDs are going to cost more than a few shiny pennies and we’re not expecting them to be anything close to affordable by the stnadards of any normal 4K gamer’s budget. If you consider that even a normal 4K UHD PC Gaming monitor with the same G-sync technology but a display size of only, say, 28 inches costs nearly $800 today, you can safely assume that these 65 inch monsters with 120Hz refresh will cost a LOT more.

Nvidia will provide pricing and availability details at a later date.

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