Nvidia is about to launch 4K game streaming and YouTube Live

by on October 16, 2015

Stephan Jukic – October 16, 2015

Nvidia is definitely one of the more active players in the market for technologies that relate to 4K ultra HD resolution and rendering in particular. Thus, it should come as little surprise that the manufacturer of some of the best 4K-capable graphics processing cards on the current gaming market is unleashing the latest version of their NVIDIA GeForce Experience software as a beta test version. According to the latest details on this, the new test version will offer gamers a range of awesome features like 4K GameStreaming and YouTube Gaming live broadcasts.

Nvidia’s GeForce Experience has been active since two years ago as a mechanism for streamlining the PC and TV gaming experience for users of the company’s GeForce GPU cards and particularly for users of the highest level cards which were capable of high-frame-rate Full HD gaming and are as of more recently capable of also managing full 4K UHD gameplay on PCs and compatible TVs which are connected to a PC gaming rig.

In basic terms, the GeForce Experience has become a sort of go—to place for downloading new software, drivers, PC optimization tools that revolve around Nvidia GPUs and also a gateway for other proprietary benefits of using the company’s GPUs.

One of the most crucial of these features as far as 4K-loving gamers are concerned is GameStream. What GameStream has classically been able to do is keep gaming running across a user’s local network by allowing PC games which run on a GeForce-powered gaming rig PC to stream to a nearby Nvidia Android device. A most notable example of such a device would be the new Nvidia Shield with Android TV and 4k UHD support.

Nvidia's new GameStream 4K beta features

Nvidia’s new GameStream 4K beta features

Thanks to the latest GeForce Experience Beta version we’d mentioned, the streaming that GameStream allows now will also feature streaming support for games in 4K ultra HD at a silky smooth 60 frames per second of speed. The streaming experience will also include 5.1 surround sound and for all of these features, the latest version of the NVIDIA Shield is a perfect toy due to its internal support capacities.

Furthermore, now that YouTube has activated live game broadcasting for Android games (as of Thursday the 15 of October), Nvidia is also offering the feature on PCs with GeForce machines. Users of these GPUs can now broadcast their gameplay through the “Share” button on the GeForce overlay screen at a resolution of Full HD 1080p at 60 frames per second (not 4K). The same capability will also apply to Nvidia’s older gaming platform.

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