Nvidia’s Shield Pro, the company’s 4K streaming box and game console is now shipping

by on June 12, 2015

Stephan Jukic – June 12, 2015

After some time spent waiting for it to reach consumers, buyers of the Nvidia Shield Pro can rest easy. The chip maker’s 4K streaming box slash gaming console is now finally being shipped to early buyers.

Based on the still relatively new but 4K compatible Android TV platform, this new game platform from Nvidia offers quite a few goodies and if you want to be one of the early users, now is your best chance. The box is also one of the few options currently on the market for actually getting to use the Android TV platform in a gaming context at a highly affordable price.

Sure, you can also buy one of also Sharp’s or Sony’s Android TV powered 2015 4K ultra HD TVs but none of these models cost anything less than $1000, though they do offer a rich list of other awesome features to go with that price tag.

Furthermore, there is also the option of getting your hands on Android TV via Google’s own Nexus Player set-top box, which retails for just $79 but this little electronic toy doesn’t include 4K support yet.

Thus, we come back to the Shiled Pro. This is a powerful, heavy duty version of the original Shield but it sells for quite a bit more than the original’s $199 price tag. But then again, it comes with 4K support.

And in order to support those ultra HD graphics, the Shield Pro comes with a lot of kick. This is a robust portable console with a 500GB internal storage memory and for its processing needs, it includes a Nvidia Integra X1 “superchip” that was unveiled at CES earlier this year. On top of this, the Pro also comes with 3GB of RAM. This means that the game console is a high cut above the original Shield and is also twice as powerful as the Xbox 360. Best of all, it delivers all this with only half the energy consumption as its Microsoft rival.

Android TV on display on a 4K TV

Android TV on display on a 4K TV

Owners of the Shield Pro can use the console to stream games with the Nvidia GRID, which features an assortment of titles including “Borderlands 2”, “Doom 3 BFG edition” and others. Best of all, the Pro also lets you put that Android TV to good use streaming 4K videos from sources such as Netflix or YouTube to your ultra HD TV.

Nvidia is a definitely an expert when it comes to delivering serious graphics processing power so we can expect little less than top performance in the Shield Pro. The manufacturer has already released several new 4K-ready gaming GPUs that are among the 5 best on the consumer market today.

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