Nvidia Makes Yet Another Innovation for 4K Gaming with its new GeForce GTX GPUs

by on October 7, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – October 7, 2014

Nvidia is one gaming and computer hardware maker that has done a lot for 4K technology in recent months and here they are at it again.

The company recently took the wraps off the latest in its line of specialized notebook GPUs and claims they are capable of delivering near-desktop levels of performance despite their portable purpose.

Much like its earlier incarnations, the GeForce 800M series, the new GeForce GTX 970M and GeForce GTX 980M GPU cards are based on the Maxwell architecture designed by Nvidia.

The thing, however, is that Maxwell was designed and reserved for the lower end of the 800 series of Nvidia GPUs. Nonetheless, the company claims that the new chips are more than capable of beating all previous versions and offer a whopping 80% of the top performance of equivalent desktop pc game cards. For a series of GPUs designed for notebooks, this is indeed on powerful achievement.

As Nvidia itself stated in a recent blog post, “It’s an astonishing achievement when you compare the thermal and power differences in a desktop tower and a notebook chassis”.

The GeForce GTX 980M GPU in particular is a real powerhouse of a card. It crams a massive 1,280 Maxwell CUDA cores into one single chip and was clocked at a boostable 1038MHz.

Furthermore, you can couple these specs with a 256-bit GDDR5 memory interface that runs at 2500MHz and a processing speed of 160 GB per second and what we’re looking at is one powerful, serious pixel processing and rendering unit.

The GeForce GTX 970M isn’t quite the workhorse that the 980M is but it also comes with 1280 CUDA cores that clicked at 924Mhz, which can also be boosted and it can still move at 120 GB despite having a memory interface that’s smaller at 192 bits.

With either of these two GPUs, you’re still talking about a pair of new cards that deliver twice the processing power of the first generations of GPUs released in 2012 by the company, which were based on its older “Kepler” architecture.

While these new GPUs don’t flat out make gaming at 4K resolutions a piece of cake for powerful notebooks with Ultra HD screens. They do allow for these types of laptops to render high action games like “Battlefield 4” and “Metro: Last Light” to run at above HD resolutions of 2,500 x 1400 pixels and can allow less graphics intensive gaming  experiences to be done in full 4K resolution at 3840 x 2160 pixels.

ASUS 4K laptop

New 4K Laptops like the ASUS NEX500 are coming out in tandem with the notebook 4K GPUs

Given the new generations of 4K laptops from companies like Toshiba, Acer and Asus, the gaming chips from Nvidia are coming at an excellent time in the gaming market. Furthermore, for those who don’t yet have their hands on a 4K notebook that these chips are really made for, the GTX line still offers an awesome benefit to normal HD screens.

Nvidia’s Dynamic Super Resolution technology, which the chips have built into them, allows the GPUs to render frames at very high resolutions and then scale them back down to the real resolution of your laptop screen. What this means is that you still get a higher quality image than what would normally be available in native format.

Shipping dates are still to be announced but Nvidia claims that a number of its OEM partners such as Asus, MSI and Gigabyte are already cooking up systems for using the new GTX cards.

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