NVIDIA moves smoother 4K graphics with its new GeForce GTX 980 Ti GPU

by on June 1, 2015

Stephan Jukic – June 1st, 2015

The same company that has so far delivered gamers some of the best ultra-high definition and HD graphics cards to date is at it again with their latest new flagship GPU, which offers support for very smooth 4K resolution and also features a much better power consumption in its hardware.

The GPU, called the GeForce GTX 980Ti, is the most recent turbocharged version of the company’s previous generation of flagship game cards. Nvidia has announced the new card early in what could be called a nicely attention-grabbing effort at preempting other brands’ product announcements at the upcoming Computex 2015 trade show.

The new GeForce GTC 980 Ti is the latest in the highly acclaimed line of GTX GPUs that Nvidia has been building for PC and laptop gamers for some time now. However, unlike many previous GPUs, this latest model delivers better 4K ultra HD support than ever before to date.

The 4K gaming support is in fact one of the 980 Ti’s main focus points. Thus, players who want to run even some of the latest and most high intensity PC games in ultra HD 4K resolution can now do so at a very reasonable (though not perfectly ideal) 45 frames per second. This is however a massive jump upwards from the 19fps of one of Nvidia’s older GPUs like the GTX 680. If we’re talking about slightly less intensive games in 4K, the 980 Ti could even reach 50Hz or more.

The GeForce GTX 980 Ti will be retailing for roughly $649 in the U.S and comes bundled with the bonus feature of the upcoming game Batman: “Arkham Knight” for PC.

Best of all for many gamers who aren’t quite willing to make the leap directly towards the 980 Ti itself, the release of the new Nvidia flagship card has also caused the price of the previous flagship model, the GTX 980, to drop just a bit, to just $499 US.

Games like the 4K powered Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes only get easier to play thanks to new powerhouse GPUs like the 980 Ti

Games like the 4K powered Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes only get easier to play thanks to new powerhouse GPUs like the 980 Ti

As for the internal specs and design of the new GTX 980 Ti, it comes powered by the new Maxwell architecture that has been developed by Nvidia with support for the latest DirectX 12 effects and a considerably higher load of RAM. Instead of the 4GB of the previous GTX 980, the new model packs 6GB more into the same space.

Furthermore, these second-generation Maxwell chips give their GPUs the power to run high performance at bigger resolutions and better lighting effects even at high frame rates while being much more power efficient than previous chip versions in Nvidia’s graphics cards.

Thus, the latest Maxwell lets the GTX 980 Ti run at only half the energy burn of the older GTX 750 GPU.

If anyone is interested in even further technical details: the GTX 980 Ti clocks at 1000Mz while offering a slightly superior pixel and texture fill rate, particularly when dealing with ultra HD graphics, and it offers a much larger transistor density, with 2,800 more packed into it than there were in the older GTX 980.

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