Now You Can Watch 4K HDR Videos in YouTube on Your 2016 Samsung 4K TV

by on December 20, 2016

Stephan Jukic – December 20, 2016

Samsung has now announced that it will be delivering an update to its lineup of 2016 Quantum Dot SUHD 4K TVs so that they can support the HDR content from YouTube in particular. This update is automatic, installs over the air and will make its presence known in owners’ TVs by allowing them to see a dedicated HDR section within their TV’s YouTube app and on the YouTube 4K channel in their Samsung TV online browser.

Furthermore, the new update is a worldwide delivery from Samsung and will come at the same time as the delivery of new content in 4K HDR from some of YouTube’s content creators and from partners working with YouTube itself. To achieve this latter end and promote the development of HDR 4K video content in their gigantic website, Google has set up two dedicated HDR recording studios in Los Angeles and New York City where select content creators will be able to create new content in high dynamic range with 4K UHD.


According to Heather Thompson Rivera, Director of Product Partnerships at YouTube,

“By combining Samsung’s commitment to picture quality and our desire to offer the best content available, we will work together to build a strong ecosystem that improves HDR content creation and allows users to enjoy more diverse content in the best quality possible”.

It should be noted here that Samsung’s 2016 SUHD TVs all already come with a full range of HDR display specs of the most advanced and widest range fully integrated into their hardware and that these TVs have been capable of playing back programming created in HDR10 HDR from sources like assorted streaming media and 4K UHD Blu-ray since the TVs first came out on sale. The HDR update we’re discussing here is highly specific to YouTube 4K HDR content and does not preclude the HDR display capacities of the 2016 SUHD TV line when it comes to other compatible high dynamic range content sources.

As many readers of this site know, HDR formatting in video sources and HDR display capacity in TVs work together to deliver a level of picture realism, color saturation and refined contrast levels that is far superior to normal standard dynamic video as most people have always known it. HDR video is much more beautifully visible than even 4K resolution itself when it is on display in a movie, TV show or any sort of programming on a 4K TV capable of delivering HDR color and contrast.


We do not yet have word on a YouTube 4K HDR viewing update for 2015 Samsung 4K TVs but will update this piece once we hear back from Samsung with further information.

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  • Marcorv99
    December 22, 2016 at 1:42 pm

    And there are only 4 video with HDR to watch in YouTube, hahahahahaha.


  • Stephen Mark
    December 30, 2016 at 12:07 pm

    Do not buy a Samsung TV if you want to use your sound bar system. No one wanting to use their awesome Sonos System, Sound Bar, Sub, wireless rears = 5.1 should purchase Samsung. They did away with being able to control its volume and refuse to admit it. Their Customer No Care can’t do, or are not willing to help you any bit – but try to make you feel stupid. Willing to send a tech to make sure you plugged in the optical cable. I had mine Professionally Installed, and I know the systems very well. The issue is simple, Samsung has made their remotes even cheaper. No longer sending RF to control sound bars.


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