Nintendo NX leaks indicate 900p/60fps gaming and 4K/60fps video streaming to boot

by on January 26, 2016

Stephan Jukic – January 26, 2016

Nintendo hasn’t yet really pulled back the curtains on its new NX gaming console, which might just firmly entrench the company in the gaming industry for the time being, but for now, plenty of speculation is flowing about the NX, of both the bad and the good kind.

This is a common enough phenomenon for all things tech related and all things gaming related in particular, but when it comes to 4K rumors, we’ll obviously perk up our ears. In this case, with the Nintendo NX, there seems to be some evidence of 4K streaming at 60 frames per second, which would definitely make this new console into something a cut above the current gaming devices from Sony and Microsoft.


In basic terms, content is what makes a platform really impress, assuming hardware is also there, and this is what might be the key to the potential success of the NX.

According to the rumors we’ve heard, a page in a private Nintendo survey has revealed details about the gaming hardware, content capabilities and even packaged accessories of the NX console. Among these details are some of the graphics rendering specs of the console and of particular interest, there is mention of 4K video streaming at 60 fps and localized rendering of gaming graphics (not regular video content) on the machine at a much more conservative but not half bad 900p and 60 fps.

In other words, the NX is promising to be a fairly capable piece of hardware, at least as far as these graphics specs are concerned. Furthermore, we can almost surely expect HDMI 2.0 connectivity in the NX console, since this is the kind of cable hardware which supports 4K at 60fps via HDMI. This could also mean that the NX comes with Nvidia GPU technology instead of AMD’s processors, since only the former currently support HDMI 2.0 and the latter still stick with DisplayPort 1.2.

As for some of the other information from the Nintendo document, it mentions not only the console itself but also an NX handheld, with gameplay working mutually between the two devices. This could mean a hardware arrangement similar to that of the current Wii U or something more along the lines of two separate but interoperable devices. Nintendo is claiming the NX to be a different machine from what’s come out from the company in the past, so we can definitely hope they’re serious about that.

In any case, at the very least if the 4K streaming rumors about this new Nintendo console play out, it will be one more addition to the current roster, which includes the gaming capacities/4K streaming of the Amazon Fire TV box gaming edition and the Nvidia Shield.

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