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Newest Batman vs. Superman trailer released in 4K ultra HD

by on February 16, 2016

Stephan Jukic – February 16, 2016

Warner Bros. has let loose another and “final” Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer in 4K ultra HD resolution, so you can really sneak a peek at all the superhero action, before the movie itself hits the big screen, assuming you have a 4K TV or PC monitor to watch it on.

In the new Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, Batman, the powerful and clever vigilante of Gotham City takes on Metropolis’s God-like hero, Superman, fearing the possibility of such a powerful being using its immense powers unchecked and for less than just purposes.

And while these two iconic superheroes of the comic book world fight it out and the world waits to see which will prevail, a new and far more dangerous threat emerges on the horizon, threatening all of mankind with a level of danger that both Batman and Superman will have to join forces to stop.

For all you fans of supercharged Hollywood comic hero action in the best possible TV/PC screen resolution, Warner’s new trailer is a definite winner and really captures the special effects of the movie in ways a weak sauce 720p YouTube video couldn’t. If you can manage to watch this video on a large 4K TV screen in its native resolution, all the better, so hopefully your particular ultra HD television has VP9 Google 4K codec capacity.

Warner Bros. also happens to be one of several major studios that are getting behind the new 4K ultra HD Blu-ray disc format and the company is planning on releasing as many as 35 titles throughout 2016 in 4K Blu-ray, starting with four titles, including Mad Max: Fury Road and The Lego Movie, with later expansion to movies like Pacific Rim.

In any case, here is the new Batman V Superman trailer in 4K, enjoy it as a taste of what’s likely to come when the movie itself also gets a 4K release in home entertainment formats when it leaves theaters.

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