The New USB Type-C Will Feature DisplayPort Audio and Video along with Support for 4K Resolution

by on September 23, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – September 23, 2014

VESA has just recently announced that the upcoming USB Type-C standard will have the ability to do several new things. These include support for DisplayPort audio and video, reversible transmission of data and full support for video resolutions of 4K Ultra HD or even higher, such as 5K.

This announcement and the effort behind it are part of VESA’s partnership with the USB 3.0 Promoter Group and the new technology is expected to make a big impact on the world of USB data transmission between assorted devices, particularly as 4K resolution and content become ever more common among cameras, TVs, PCs and even laptops.

Called “DisplayPort Alt Mode”, the new USB Type-C with DisplayPort will be compatible with all existing DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI and VGA capable displays. According to VESA, what this means is that none of the monitors and screens currently in use by hundreds of millions of consumers won’t actually be left out in the cold suddenly due to incompatibility issues.

The new USB 3.0 TYPE-C will give full data transfer power even with 5K PC screens like Dell's "UltraSharp"

The new USB 3.0 TYPE-C will give full data transfer power even with 5K PC screens like Dell’s “UltraSharp”

Furthermore, when making use of the new USB standard’s cables and connectors specifically for their Display Port feature, users will still also be able to send data through them at the same time in the form of a USB connection. This, again according to VESA, is because DisplayPort Alt Mode can transmit data through as few as one or two of its four USB lanes, thus freeing up the others for diferent data transmission tasks.

This is particularly useful for 4K applications because it means that a person can connect the new DisplayPort to an Ultra HD monitor while at the same time still being able to send data back and forth through the same cable at speeds of as many as 10GB/s. Furthermore, using all four lanes, the same DisplayPort Alt Mode can power screens with resolutions as massive as 5K and still give data transmission speeds that are comparable to USB 2.0 velocities.

The powerful features don’t just end with the new USB 3.0 standard’s 4K and 5K streaming capacity. It will also be able to deliver as many as 100 watts of power to devices connected to it on charge and in addition to that, we should again repeat what we said above: It’s going to manage data transfer speeds of 10GB per second… This is enormous and totally leaves USB 3.0 in the dust.

Ultimately, the USB 3.0 Type-C DisplayPort Alt Mode is the perfect system for the newer generations of 4K content, devices and device screens that are already arriving on the market.

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