This is the Ultrakam 4K video app that’s coming for your iPhone 6

by on December 16, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – December 16, 2014

Closer to the beginning of 2014, the company Ultrakem Apps released a video shooting app for the iPhone 5 that allowed the smartphone to pull 2K video footage from its camera.

Now that the newer and much more powerful iPhone 6 and its bigger brother the 6 Plus are out, Ultrakam has also upped the ante by releasing a new app that can shoot 4K video on the two newest Apple phones.

In an indirect effort at competing with small portable 4K cameras like the GoPro Hero 4 and the Sony F55CineAlta 4K camera, the Ultrakam application is attempting to simulate the capacities of these compact pure camera devices by incorporating 4K video shooting ability into same smartphone you’d carry around with you all the time without difficulty.

In other words, the app is targeted at both amateurs who’d like some great 4K footage and professionals who want the ultimate on-the-go 4K shooting device that’s almost guaranteed to be with them at all times. The app itself also comes with its own companion application that acts as a remote video control monitor for adjusting the shooting apps production characteristics.

The Ultrakam also happens to be an app that the iPhone 6 editions are eminently capable of handling, given that both models come with an A8 processing chip that –as was recently revealed—has been designed so that it’s even capable of 4K video playback, despite the iPhone 6’s screen only being a Full HD 1080p variant.

According to the Ultrakam’s creator, Hassan Uriostegui, the Ultrakam app is something he’d wanted for some time but previous versions of the iPhone lacked the hardware to handle it. Now that the new 6 and 6 Plus models include exactly the ideal hardware along with their iOS 8 operating system, excellent camera image quality and adequate internal storage space, the idea of using the phone to create 4K videos is finally feasible.

The iPhones ultra-clear photo camera and internal hardware are what makes the Ultrakam's 4K video possible

The iPhones ultra-clear photo camera and internal hardware are what makes the Ultrakam’s 4K video possible

In basic terms, the Ultrakam manages to capture 4K video by having the phones camera shoot images in a rapid series of frames per second that can range between 20 and 30 and also includes slow-motion frame shooting capacities. The app captures this video at 50MB/s by using the MJPEG codec to grab 8 megapixel video at a resolution of 3264 x 2448 pixels (a bit outside the standard definition of 4K video).

Thus, with the Ultrakam, an iPhone 6 with a 128GB internal memory can store a bit more than 30 minutes of ultra HD 4K footage before having to move the video to an external memory.

Furthermore, the iOS 8’s photo controls coupled with the apps own controls allow users to manipulate a wide range of video shooting characteristics such as focus, shutter speed, ISO speed and to activate settings such as time-lapse and 20x slow motion shooting. There are also other manual controls built into the app itself which are designed to maximally benefit professional videographers.

The remote control app that accompanies the Ultrakam app, already mentioned above, is included for free with the main app and also allows users to stream captured video to other iPhones or directly to YouTube and its 4K video section through the use of an adequately powerful WiFi or Bluetooth connection.

There is also an Airplay integration and HMDI output capability that comes with the Ultrakam, which allows you to easily connect your phone to an external monitor and view captured 4K videos there instead of on the much smaller and lower resolution iPhone 6 screen.

Despite all of these amazing 4K video capabilities that it brings to the new iPhone, the Ultrakam app and free accompanying remote control application is available in the Apple App Store for just $9.99. This is a pretty good price considering the price tag of the last application that let iPhone users shoot 4K ultra HD footage.

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