A New Operator-Oriented 4K UHD Android TV Device is Coming from Amino

by on March 23, 2017

Stephan Jukic – March 23, 2017

A new “small and powerful” 4K ultra HD Android TV set-top device is coming to the professional production market courtesy of the OTT/TV company Amino Communications and it’s got some interesting specs packed into its small form factor.

The new Android streamer is called the Amigo 7 and its manufacturer has decided to unveil the little product ahead of the upcoming TV Connect 2017 event that’s happening next week in the UK. According to Amino, the Amigo 7 is a 4K UHD Android TV platform that’s designed “specifically” for content services operators who are interested in putting new content entertainment services to market quickly, efficiently and easily by using available OTT technologies and content. In other words, the Amigo 7 is an Android TV box that injects smart platform capacity into normal 4K TVs.

With this in mind, the Amigo 7 Android TV platform is set to deliver 4K UHD content capabilities and comes with some robust hardware for doing this sort of work effectively. Specs include a “high-speed” quad-core CPU with the latest in hardware accelerated 3D graphics, voice navigation capability, advanced Android search technology and dual-band WiFi 802.11ac connectivity power. The formal press release for the Amigo 7 is a bit on the vague side but it does state that the little device is built with full optimization and certification for operator-managed content service deployments for professional commercial users who want to easily incorporate Android platform technology into their OTT services.


According to Amino CTO Mark Evensen, “We’re seeing increasing demand from operators for Android TV capabilities – either as a standalone service or as a complement to existing entertainment delivery strategies”, The CTO also explained that the Amigo 7 is Amino’s response to a shift in this direction in the market even though this isn’t the first TV box to be released with Android TV support by the company or even the first 4K UHD TV box from Amino –in 2016 Amino also launched a dual-mode 4 UHD box with support for both Android TV and Amino’s own Enable TV OS.

We don’t yet have much info on the dimensions or other more detailed specs of the Amigo 7, Amino does claim that the box is their smallest yet and that it has the most compact form factor of any Android TV device of this type. Given the tiny, palm-sized black box that you can see in their own press photo for the Amigo 7, the claim is credible.

More information and the Amigo 7, its specs and a live unit will presumably be available at TV Connect 2017 in London on March 28th until the 30th. Until then, any further speculation would mostly be guesswork.

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