New Netflix Streaming Prices Hit 4K UHD HDR Content Fans Hardest

by on October 9, 2017

Stephan Jukic – October 9, 2017

While the general trend for pricing on purchases of 4K UHD movies seems to be moving downward due to recent competitive pressure from Apple, not everyone is moving in the same direction. Netflix, for one is actually raising the prices of the part of its streaming service which includes 4K ultra HD and HDR movies and programming.

This of course isn’t the first time that the company has done this in recent years and we can probably expect even further price increases down the road but for what has up to now been one of the most economical and straightforward ways of getting some high quality 4K HDR entertainment to your own 4K UHD TV, the small price increase could be just slightly annoying to some consumers.

Specifically, the following is what Netflix customers can expect:

The current pricing schedule for the companies three content packages sits at $7.99 per month for all content in basic small definition on up to one screen at a time (TVs, PCs, laptops, phones etc). Next up the scale is a $9.99 HD content package that streams all video in the higher resolution where available on up to two different displays at the same time. Then, finally, there is the 4K UHD HDR content package that allows for access to all 4K content that’s available from Netflix along with its regular SD and HD movie, program, documentary offerings. This priciest package currently goes for $11.99 and allows for viewing on up to four different displays at the same time.

Netflix older subscription and 4K streaming schedule

Netflix’s older subscription and 4K streaming schedule

With the new upcoming price schedule, the basic $7.99 content package will cost the same but the 2-display HD package will go for $10.99, or $1 more per month. As for the 4K UHD, 4-device package, it will go up in price by $2 to $13.99. In other words, subscribers of the 4K UHD package are those who will be billed the most as of next month. We suspect that Netflix is preparing early for the growing popularity of its 4K UHD plan as more potential customers buy into 4K display technology on their TVs or other devices. Raining prices at this point makes guiding new subscribers toward the superior plans and especially the 4K UHD plan easier slightly down the road.

The price changes are already in effect for any new subscribers who signed onto Netflix as of October 5th but for customers from before this date, the elevated prices start going into effect as of October 19th, when all existing customers will be notified via email of the increases for their next billing cycle after that date. The above price changes also apply internationally based on different regional currency types and conversion rates.

As for what Netflix itself had to say about the cost changes, In a recent statement to the website TechCrunch, the company basically gave assurances that their higher prices are an investment in growing quality as well:

“From time to time, Netflix plans and pricing are adjusted as we add more exclusive TV shows and movies, introduce new product features and improve the overall Netflix experience to help members find something great to watch even faster,”

Despite the above news of increases, Netflix remains by far the cheapest source of regularly updated and relatively abundant 4K entertainment available today, with some genuinely excellent shows like “Stranger things”, “House of Cards” and others in their roster. Unlike most other content providers, the company allows 24 hour access to any of its entire content library for these still fairly reasonable monthly fees. For some TV owners, this pricing scheme is a lot more budget-friendly than buying or renting content on an individual basis for prices of a couple or more dollars PER limited time rental and $15 dollars or more per movie purchase ($20+ in the case of most premium 4K UHD entertainment).

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