New LG OLED 2016 4K TV with HDR available now for $8,000 in the US

by on February 9, 2016
Stephan Jukic – February 9, 2016
LG may be loosely promising to offer up more affordable OLED 4K TV models in 2016 but so far, we’re definitely not seeing a lot in the way of price reductions, and if the current retail price of the latest 2016 OLED 4K UHD model from the company is anything to go by, premium pricing still firmly applied.

The LG G6 Signature OLED 4K smart TV with WebOS 3.0 which was first shown widely at CES 2016 in January is now selling in select stores across the U.S.A and can also be pre-ordered for a very serious $8000.

The new ultra-slim 65 inch model truly is a piece of beautiful technology to behold and features a ridiculously thin glass screen with a thickness of just 2.57 millimeters (about an 8th of an inch). Furthermore, aside from offering the nearly perfect color saturation and viewing angles of OLED 4K TV technology, the new G6 also comes with HDR, Dolby Vision, 3D technology, Smart Share and uses LG’s superb new webOS 3.0 smart TV platform, the direct descendant of the highly acclaimed 2015 WebOS 2.0 version.

Currently, only the 65 inch OLED G6 model is available for purchase and has a firm price attached to it but there is also a 77 inch model emerging later in the year, though we don’t have any pricing details on it as of yet.

The 65 inch OLED G6 4K TV from LG

The 65 inch OLED G6 4K TV from LG

The 65 inch OLED 4K G6 TV can be bought now and orders placed for the model will be fulfilled within 60 days according to LG.

A number of new 4K UHD TVs with some spectacular specs have emerged in late 2015 and early 2016, particularly in the wake of CES 2016, with new OLED models from Panasonic, new LG LCD TVs and new Sony Bravia XBR models all coming out. Many of the new higher-end 4K televisions will also feature HDR technology and color enhancements that continue the quantum dot and “wide color gamut” traditions of 2015 4K television models in the premium range.

We at will be working to provide reviews of all new 2016 4K ultra HD television models in the coming weeks as they become available to us.

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