New iKlips Flash Drive Allows Lightning Fast 4K video Transfer to iPhones & iPads

by on June 6, 2017

Juan Carlos Ropel, June 6, 2017

Meet Adam Element’s iKlips Mireader 4K, one of the world’s fastest Lighting flash drives for Apple devices.  By simply inserting a microSD card inside this flash drive you can get your drone video or any 4K footage onto your iPhone or iPad almost instantly. You can also share anything from your computer to you iPhone or iPad, and vice-versa.

This essentially means no more worrying about the endless transfer times that 4K footage can create between Apple devices (or nearly any other devices) and a computer, and no more having to wait until you get home to upload your GoPro backflips. iKlips flash drives are the first of their kind to support USB 3.1, which gives these little gadgets reading/writing speeds up to 140/70 MB/s while the Lightning connector allows speeds of 26/10MB/s, making large, high resolution file transfers seem like lighter videos or jpegs.

The device also uses an exFAT optimized file system, which means there is no limit to individual file sizes. Other drives with FAT32 have a 4GB size limit – probably not even enough for a HD movie.

Furthermore, one of the iKlips device’s best features is that you can bypass saving huge files on your phone’s internal memory by live recording your 4K video directly to its internal microSD cards – which can deliver up to 256GB of external storage, enough space for your 4k videos, eBooks, music and favourite movies. It’s also worth noting that the iKlip miniReader supports RAW files from 4K cameras along with GoPro action clips and all sorts of other document, audio, photo and video formats. Adding extra storage space for the iKlip Reader is as simple as swapping in a fresh memory card. There’s even a password feature and a TouchID (Biometric) option for securing files in the little gadget.

iKlips 4K miReader

The product from Taiwan-based company Adam Elements is Apple MFi certified and can also be the perfect microSD card reader for your adventures. It works with your GoPro, assorted drone models, Dash Cams and even numerous models of DSLR or mirrorless camera. In order to use the flash drive with your iPhone or iPad you need to first download the free app from iTunes.

The iKlips miReader Lightning / Micro USB 3 in 1 Portable MicroSD 4K Card Reader External Memory Storage Charger flash drive is available at Amazon for $59 and seems to be selling fast, with only 11 units “left in stock” as of this posting.

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