Meet BenQ’s very awesome collaborative 84 inch 4K UHD flat panel LED display

by on January 27, 2015

Stephan Jukic – January 27, 2015

In a move that’s surprisingly similar to what Microsoft recently unveiled with its 84 inch 4K surface Pro “tablet” for video conferencing and interactive presentations, BenQ has now unveiled their own massive display screen.

We’re talking about the RP840G and it is one impressive piece of hardware. This 84 inch LED 4K ultra high definition flat panel display screen is being built with classrooms with some serious audio-visual budgets.

The screen is supposedly ideal for video conferencing, interactive visual presentations in learning environments and could obviously also be used for corporate video conferencing scenarios, though it lacks some of the dedicated and highly comprehensive software for this like Microsoft’s Surface Pro does.

We’ve already mentioned that this is a 4K screen and it certainly delivers on the pixels. The RP840G delivers ultra HD 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels for nearly 5 times the practical resolution of Full HD and is currently selling at a retail price of $11,400 on websites like CompSource.

Some of the new BenQ monitor’s features include:

A 10-point multitouch interaction technology that lets users interact with all 10 fingers of both hands touching the screen at the same time.

Anti-glare glass that reduces reflection while the internal backlighting system offers a 50,000 hour lifespan

Compatiblity with a wide array of operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux and even Google’s new Chrome OS through easy to set up plug-and-play technology

The inclusion of “DisplayNote” software for easy collaboration across multiple additional devices, allowing for displaying and casting/streaming content at the same time

Wireless control for operating a PC from anywhere in a room and a program called “EZWrite”, which allows for annotation, wiritng and painting directly on the screens whiteboard

And finally, we should also mention the multiple display administrator feature which allows for remote management and shutdown of the screen through another device.

BenQ RP840G 4K flat panel LED display

The new BenQ 4K display for collaborative visual presentations was built with classroom settings in mind but can be used in corporate settings too

This big bad piece of collaboration and presentation hardware has a screen that’s 84 diagonal inches across while its overall dimensions are 78 by 47 inches with a depth of 4 inches. In terms of weight, it is pretty heavy, as could be expected, at about 255 pounds, but it does come with a very sturdy wall mount, though no stand is included since the RP840G was designed with wall display in mind.

According to Bob Wudech, associate VP of strategy and business dev at BenQ, “Our RP840G multitouch panel was designed to provide an incredible value proposition for today’s connected environments”. He also explained that, by providing 4K resolution and 10 touch points across 84 inches of screen, the panel allows for easy interaction with any onscreen content, resulting in much better collaboration and pairing with all sorts of handheld devices belonging to the audience. This of course means much deeper audience interaction and participation in a given presentation conducted through the RP840G.

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