The New Apple TV 4K Will Be A Far More Powerful Streaming Box

by on September 11, 2017

Stephan Jukic – September 11, 2017

Apple’s veil of secrecy around their upcoming 4K Apple TV is simply full of leaks. However since the device is widely expected to get a complete reveal on the 12th of September along with other expected devices like the iPhone 8 anyhow, maybe this is just a great trick for mounting up the hype.

Whichever the case may be, the latest we’re hearing about the soon-to-arrive 4K UHD set-top box are further details about its internal specs and they’re pretty robust indeed. It seems that the new Apple 4K TV will be powered by Apple’s newest line of CPUs, the triple-core A10X Fusion chipset. This is the same processing system that’s built into Apples newest versions of the iPad Pro and it definitely looks like a device that could handle 4K UHD streams smoothly. Further leaked info about the 4K Apple TV indicates a 3GB RAM. These are sizeable upgrades from the current model’s 2GB of RAM and by now rather old A9 CPU core. Other tidbits found and tweeted over the weekend by a developer named Steve Troughton-Smith indicate that yes, the 4K Apple TV will support high dynamic range in not only the most common HDR10 format but also in the considerably more refined and less frequently found Dolby Vision standard.

Troughton—Smith has also stated that the device will be called the Apple TV 4K and will require a minimum internet connectivity speed of 15Mbps for effective 4K video streaming. Other streaming media apps we can likely expect to see on the Apple TV 4K interface such as Netflix and possibly even Amazon Prime also have their own 4K streaming requirements which are in fact a fair bit higher (about 20 to 25Mbps) than those that Apple is suggesting for 4K streams, so we’re guessing that the 15Mbps requirement applies specifically to iTunes and is possible due to some distinct compression tricks that the company will be applying to its own selections of streamed ultra HD HDR movies and programs.

The Apple TV 4K, which has been speculated on and anticipated for years by this point will deliver 4K UHD content streams at up to 60fps and will likely include technology for smoothing out motion in the majority of streamed 4K movies that actually get delivered at 24 to 30fps. 4K UHD TVs in any case come with their own motion handling technologies for the necessary frame rate interpolation.

There are also additional rumors about a greatly revamped Siri voice control system with haptic feedback in the new version of Apple TV but we’ll cover these in another piece here at

Code indicating Haptics for Apple TV 4K's version of Siri

Code indicating Haptics for Apple TV 4K’s version of Siri

We don’t yet know what the Apple TV 4K is actually going to cost but don’t expect it to be particularly cheap by 4K set-top box standards. Apple isn’t known for competing much on price and even the current and by now highly outdated Apple TV HD model still sells for over $150, which is a fair bit pricier than the prices of much better 4K ultra HD streaming devices from Roku, Amazon and Google.

In what we can possibly assume to be a response to the impending arrival of Apple TV 4K, Amazon is already working on the release of its own next.generation streaming 4K HDR set-top box AND streaming media dongle as well.

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  • Vince Sorgi
    September 12, 2017 at 7:41 am

    I currently have a Roku Ultra that has been buggy as heck so I can’t wait for the ATV 4K, especially for streaming Dolby Vision content on VUDU. I will probably wait to see what Roku will be coming out with in their next gen models, but if no DV, I will definitely get the Apple.


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