4K UHD broadcast channels could be springing up all over Europe, the latest from Russia according to broadcast executive

by on March 11, 2015

Stephan Jukic – March 11, 2015

It’s highly likely that Russia and several other countries will see the arrival of their first ever full-scale 4K ultra HD broadcast TV channels emerging in 2015. This is a widely expected trend and, specifically in Russia’s case, also something that the chief content officer at a major Russian pay TV company is predicting.

The company in question is Tricolor and its chief content officer, Mikhail Goryachev believes that ultra HD implementation into broadcast TV on a mass scale is largely “unavoidable”. This is what Goryachev claimed in a recent interview with conducted recently. The CCO also stated that pay TV providers will soon start implementing UHD TV services on a major scale with the only serious question being when exactly these services will be unveiled on a commercial scale.

In his explanation of why he believes this massive change in broadcast pay TV evolution will happen, Goryachev also covered the usual host of factors that are affecting the speed at which UHD TV comes into being from broadcast sources. He covered the usual list of factors that are being weighed by broadcasters, and these include overall market demand for 4K, 4K TV affordability and the robustness of transmission and receiving systems.

New, more affordable 4K TVs like the latest P-Series and even cheaper M-Series from Vizio are helping fuel demand for eventual UHD broadcast TV

New, more affordable 4K TVs like the latest P-Series and even cheaper M-Series from Vizio are helping fuel demand for eventual UHD broadcast TV

Given the data loads inherent in 4K broadcasts of any type, certain infrastructure changes are an obligatory condition of wider UHD broadcast adaption and these will only be driven through a delicate balance of corporate push and consumer pull leading to more heavily invested corporate push.

However, according to Goryachev, “all preliminary efforts have already been accomplished: a unified Ultra HD marketing code has been approved, ultra HD TV standard adopted by MTU in 201 exists, and satellite operators have successfully implemented the new HEVC (H.265) codec. We expect simultaneous launch of the first full-scale 4K channels in 2015 in several countries, including Russia”.

The Russian pay TV giant, Tricolor, for which Goryachev works, has already had a pilot UHD channel in operation since October of 2014 but the channel hasn’t been heavily promoted simply because of a lack of UHD content that’s available for broadcasting.

However, the Russian company’s ambitions for 2015 include expanding the entertainment options in 4K and thus more heavily promoting their 4K channel. The same trend should follow throughout Europe and by the end of this year we could definitely end up seeing new ultra HD broadcast channels also appearing courtesy of Sky Deutschland and Sky in the United Kingdom.

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