Netflix and the upcoming launch of its HD/4K UHD content to the Italian and Spanish markets

by on March 13, 2015

Stephan Jukic – March 13, 2015

Netflix, the streaming media giant that not only features a massive collection of HD entertainment content but is also one of the pioneers of 4K ultra HD video streaming services, is expanding at a rapid pace into as many markets as it can enter.

The company already has a presence in 35 countries worldwide including Australia, New Zealand, all of North and South America (Including, incredibly, Cuba), France, Germany, the U.K and the Low Countries as well as Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Austria and Sweden. And now they are also going to be adding Spain and Italy to their European collection of increasingly broadband connected customers.

The company plans on launching its Italian and Spanish (for Spain) streaming services later in the year at roughly the same time and is furthermore dedicating itself to a full-blown worldwide release of its platform within the next two years, by 2018 or so.

For this worldwide launch, Iberia and Italy are two of the latest debut training platforms. Furthermore, according to distribution sources in Netflix’s industry, the company is currently in the midst of discussions and planning for its launch in the rather notoriously regulated Italian media industry for the second half of 2015.

There have also been conflicting reports about Netflix’s plans for Italy so far and this is mainly the case because of the country’s problems with poor broadband connectivity in certain regions due to lacking infrastructure. This is thought to have been one of the main factors behind the hold-ups for Netflix in the Italian market.

On the other hand, as far as Spain goes, the Spanish financial daily Expansión has reported that, according to assorted sources, Netflix is negotiating with Hollywood studios and other distributors of more independent content for the rights to launch their content on the Spanish market in the Fourth Quarter of 2015.

The Spanish paper has also reported that 4K and HD TV maker LG would begin carrying the Netflix app as a built-in feature as of September for its televisions sold on the Spanish market. This date has also been corroborated by other sources.

Netlix 4K streaming

According to the reports from Expansión, Netflix is moving ahead with its launch in Spain faster than previously planned due to the potential for stiff competition from other, European HD and 4K content streaming services like  Telefonica’s Moviestar TV and, which is also already unveiling its own selection of 4K and Full HD content to assorted European markets.

Netflix has even taken the step of conducting customer survey research in Spain so that they can identify the more specific tastes and preferences of their potential audience.

So far, Netflix hasn’t commented much on their Italian and Spanish expansion plans and has even occasionally played down the rumors about their growing European expansion. However, we can safely assume that the company is actively working to capture as many new customers as possible as its broad selection of content from both third party studios and their own production arm grows.

Currently, the company is filming all of its own native TV shows and movies in full 4K resolution and releasing them with this as a viewing option on TVs with the available pixels, HEVC settings, HDCP 2.2 content protection and broadband connectivity.

One of the latest new shows in production with Netflix is the drama series “The OA”, slated for release in 2016 and made in conjunction with Bradd Pitt’s production firm Plan B Enterainment.

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