Netflix is also releasing a massive new pile of 4K ultra HD content for 2016, including select series in HDR

by on February 29, 2016

Stephan Jukic – February 29, 2016

In a recent speech at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Netflix VP of user interface innovation, Chris Jaffe declared that Netflix will soon be updating their somewhat stagnant older 4K content selection with a whopping 600 hours of new content by the end of 2016, and though much of this will consist of TV shows and Netflix Original series, there will also be some movies included, though not quite as many as would be cool since Hollywood studios are still leery of third-party streaming of their potential 4K releases.

Nonetheless, we’re talking about serious 4K UHD content selection that’s coming very soon and it will only grow from there, to also surely include plenty of Hollywood 4K content down the road, just as is currently the case with Full HD movies.

And these new shows also include many high quality titles with plenty of entertainment value for numerous different audience types. Furthermore, included in the new 4K content offerings will be a further specialized selection of assorted HDR 4K ultra HD titles, for users of Netflix who own 4K TVs with high dynamic range technology.

HDR is part of the quality standards set out in early 2016 under the "UHD Premium" standard of the UHD Alliance

HDR is part of the quality standards set out in early 2016 under the “UHD Premium” standard of the UHD Alliance

According to Jaffe himself in remarks at the MWC, “HDR is less about the packing more pixels on the screen like the move from HD to ultra HD was. It’s about extending the total range of those pixels. What that means is that you’re watching a much more photo realistic image that’s much more representative of the total range that your eyes can see when you’re just looking around in real life.”

This is in fact a pretty decent laypersons description of what HDR in content means in practical terms and why it’s so important for next-generation content quality.

The first series to be released in Netflix HDR will include Daredevil Season Two and Marco Polo Season One, however there is no specific release date for Netflix’s new HDR 4K streams. We only know that they will come later in 2016.

Currently, Netflix 4K ultra HD content is available in numerous markets including the U.S and the new 4K releases are expected to be released domestically and internationally.

We will update this story as soon as we have more details on upcoming Netflix content releases, for now, here are some that we can definitely expect for 2016.

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