Netflix Once Again Affirms that it’s Filming All of Its New Content in 4K, promises to Revolutionize Internet Video Quality

by on October 15, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – October 15th, 2014

In a more specific follow-up to affirmations made earlier in 2014, streaming content giant Netflix has promised once again that it will be filming all of its own original content in 4K as of now.

This will, of course, be in addition to non-original content that steadily gets converted to 4K from its original reels or was also filmed in 4K and gets transferred to Netflix. These latter two categories include movies such as the original “Ghostbusters” from 1984 and the animated CGI children’s’ movie “Smurfs 2”.

According to Ted Sarandos, the chief content officer at Netflix, people who take note of the company’s 4K content and start watching it on their 4K TVs will notice the enormous difference and will thus start to dramatically change their quality standards for new paid content online.

In essence, he claims that “it will completely invert people’s expectations of quality of content on the internet”.

Sarandos reaffirmed Netflix’s promise and also made his additional comments on the company’s future with 4K at the recent MIPCOM digital content media conference that’s held in October of every year in Cannes, France.

The conference is one of the largest of its kind in the world and features an enormous gathering of both traditional and new media broadcasters and content producers. For Netflix, which is one of the world’s leading new media broadcasters, the other attendees at the conference represent some extremely valuable eyes and ears for the company’s words.

Most importantly for Netflix, MIPCOM plays host to numerous overseas media players from both European and other international growth markets. This is deeply important to the company given its increasing efforts at growth outside its native U.S market.

MIPCOM Hsoting discussions about 4K content

MIPCOM conference in Cannes where the European Broadcasters discussed their views on 4K content

In fact, Netflix has already started up on a huge European expansion that has actually prompted some sharp defensiveness on the part of traditional European broadcasters in France and Germany in particular. Netflix’s expansion currently consists of 6 new target markets including French and German consumer audiences.

The streaming media giant obviously also plans to focus its growing stream of 4K content at all of these new viewers and as part of their counterattack strategy, French and German broadcasters such as Sky Deutschland have also begun to make declarations on their own plans for streaming 4K media, even though they are rather severely lagging behind Netflix so far.

While the U.S based streaming giant has already developed a small library of consumer ready 4K movies and shows and keeps adding more, the traditional European broadcasters competing against it in the Old World are still in the experimental phases of their own 4K streaming services.

Some of the Original Programming events already in the 4K pipeline for Netflix include a new Netflix Original talk show by Chelsea Handler, a new show called “Marco Polo”, slated for release in December, several new Adam Sandler movies produced exclusively by Netflix over the next four years and also more episodes of “House of Cards” and “Orange is the New Black”.

Additionally, the streaming giant’s European expansion includes the upcoming release of a new French series called “Marseille”. All of these new shows and movies will, of course, be filmed in 4K Ultra HD

So far at least, Netflix isn’t interested in broadcasting news and live sports events.

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