Netflix Adds HDR Support For 4K Content In Windows 10

by on December 22, 2017
Juan Carlos Ropel – December 22, 2017

After 4K UHD resolution, the most common feature that consumers look for when buying a new television is HDR (High Dynamic Range). The visual benefits of the different HDR formats are enormous and that’s why most new electronics, be they 4K HDR TVs, UHD Blu-ray players/consoles, projectors or 4K monitors, are being produced with HDR capabilities to at least some degree.

People demand the best colors possible when they are watching their favorite show or movies, and content providers like Netflix are well aware of this trend. This is one of the main reasons why this streaming company and others are expanding their selection of HDR content as well.

Furthermore, because 4K HDR content requires devices from which it can be viewed easily, as of today, Netflix is expanding the range of devices that its service can support HDR streaming from. Now Windows users can stream Netflix in HDR on their laptops by installing the Netflix app or using Microsoft Edge browser (It doesn’t work with Chrome or any other browser, as of now). This though is possible provided that the Windows 10 device supports HDR and the subscriber has a Premium Netflix subscription.

Additionally, in order to access Netflix’s HDR content from Windows 10, having an HDR capable screen is not enough. Your PC must also meet the following hardware requirements to load the Netflix HDR10 encodes.


HDR Monitors like the CHG90 from Samsung can be used with PCs to view Netflix HDR content

Requirements for PCs with integrated Intel GPU:

  • Windows 10 Creators Update is required
  • CPU: 7th Generation Core (i3, i5, i7) or higher processor.
  • Graphics Driver: 22.XX.XX series, version 4708 or higher.

Requirements for PCs with NVIDIA GPUs:

  • Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
  • GPU: 1050, 1060, 1070, and 1080 cards with at least 3GB of video RAM.
  • Graphics Driver: 387.68 ( or higher.

If you have a PC that meets the above specs and a display that supports HDR10, you should be able to get started right now with Netflix HDR streaming from the Netflix app for Windows or inside the Netflix website via the Microsoft Edge browser.

The Netflix library currently holds more than 200 hours of HDR premium content, both in HDR10 and Dolby Vision. Unfortunately, at this moment there is no way to filter a list of shows or movies in HDR format, you need to seek them out individually. But that update is possibly coming soon.

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