The Netflix 4K stamp of approval is just around the corner: what it means for UHD TVs

by on February 9, 2015

Stephan Jukic – February 09, 2015

As of the springtime, Netflix is going to be placing its own special stamp of approval on select new TVs.

This is part of the company’s “Netflix Recommended” program in which Netflix will affix a special seal of approval with its logo on web-connected Smart TVs that are specifically capable of displaying the Netflix 4K streams that the company is now focusing almost exclusively on creating.

The program was first announced at this year’s International CES in Las Vegas and among the initial partners that manufacture TVs was LG, which is one of the major innovators in the 4K UHD home theater landscape. According to Greg Peters, Netflix’s chief of streaming and partnerships, “the history of innovation with Netflix and LG goes back to 2008 when LG was the first to put Netflix streaming in a Blu-ray player”.

Peters also added that TVs which can accommodate 4K steams are also the best way to watch some of the latest Netflix shows like “Orange is the New Black” and “House of Cards”. Both series are available in 4K UHD resolution to subscribers with the right kind of TV and the right internet connection –which must be able to carry a consistent minimum of 20Mbps. Netflix has also decided to film all of its upcoming movies and original series in 4K resolution, so the collection will only grow for those televisions that get the Netflix 4K stamp of approval.

Netflix has also said that it will approve other TVs for its program, at a wide variety of retail prices and screen sizes in order to accommodate a wide range of consumer TV purchases and budgets.

Sharp, Vizio, Samsung and the makers of the upcoming Roku TV are all going to join the “Netflix Recommended” program and the selection of brands will grow further as the year advances.

LG's 2014 and 2015 OLED 4K TVs are definitely gaining the Netflix 4K compatibility seal of approval

LG’s 2014 and 2015 OLED 4K TVs are definitely gaining the Netflix 4K compatibility seal of approval

In addition to being able to handle 4K resolution for the Netflix UHD streams, the TVs will also have to be capable of giving users a high degree of ease of use in accessing the Netflix app by offering faster app launch time and faster playback of video content.

Currently, Netflix has roughly 50 million subscribers worldwide and thus its massive clout in the streaming entertainment market could give a serious boost to sales of whichever TV brands gain the new Netflix seal.

Given that many TV manufacturers are desperately trying to shore up profits through sales of new 4K ultra HD televisions, the stamp of approval will definitely be useful for their bottom line.

So far, Netflix is one of the few providers of streaming media that gives its subscribers fresh 4K entertainment options and it’s also definitely one of the most versatile in allowing as many UHD TVs as possible access to its 4K service.

As for Netflix’s original “Netflix Recommended” program partner LG, the company expects that 60% of its new TVs will be 4K sets by the end of 2015.

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