Nest to Reveal Unique New Indoor 4K UHD Security Camera

by on May 24, 2017

Stephan Jukic – May 24, 2017

According to reports, Nest, the manufacturer of the famous Nest thermostat from a couple years back will soon be releasing a new type of next-generation home security camera. The Nest Cam, as it will be called, will be designed mainly for indoor use and will offer 4K ultra HD security video recording capability. Now, recording in 4K security footage is by any measure a rather difficult process since the heavy data requirements of streaming or storing 4K footage don’t mesh too easily with the need for a constant video feed during security recording. Partly due to this reason, many previously announced and otherwise pretty cool 4K security cameras haven’t’ taken off on the wider marketplace for security devices. This is where Nest has come up with a rather clever solution to this still persistent problem.

Instead of constantly recording in 4K ultra HD, the Nest Camera will maintain a regular, constant and much more manageable 1080p stream while only using its 4K resolution capacity to zoom in on specific things like unknown movements in 4K. Thus, regular video feeds stay at a respectable 1080p resolution while possibly important security footage can be captured at a much more detail-friendly 2160p level.

In other words, what we’re seeing here is an economized ultra HD recording approach to 4K security footage and one that could just work without completely overloading any streaming or data storage infrastructure that you might use for security recording, particularly in a home security setting. Best of all, anything noteworthy caught on the video would be saved for review at roughly four times the sharpness a normal 1080p security camera can provide.

Nest 4K security camera

According to reporting from Android Police, the Nest Camera will also come with a ring around its lens that lights up to show when the camera is recording in 4K or 1080p and USB-C connections will be available for power delivery. Other features of Nest technology that subscribers to the company’s services get will also be available for owners of the new selective 4K security recording device. These could include notifications about when the Nest Cam is recording movement and so forth.

As for pricing and appearance details. We’re expecting something that looks much like the company’s existing Nest outdoor camera and retails for a price of $100 more than the current HD-only Nest Cam, or roughly $300. We can probably look forward to more news about this upcoming device by the end of May.

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