Nest Cam “IQ” 4K Camera is Official and Comes With UHD Sensor, Face Recognition

by on June 1, 2017

Stephan Jukic – June 1, 2017

The recent and fairly concrete rumors we covered of an upcoming partially 4K-capable Nest Cam for home/office interior use have now been fully confirmed. The camera is coming and it’s going to be called the Nest Cam IQ, with the “IQ” part referring to its intelligent feature of facial recognition technology.

Obviously enough, we’re talking about an indoor security camera here but this particular device will definitely be coming with some features which set it apart from your average run-of-the-mill home or office security camera. For starters, the new Nest Cam IQ can tell objects of different types apart from human beings and due to its facial recognition specs, it can remember and keep track of familiar faces which are supposed to be found in a given location. In other words, when a stranger enters, it can detect the unknown profile of their appearance quickly and notify you quickly. The camera can also keep track of specific visits by known and recognized individuals as programmed to do so.

This video from Nest demonstrates the Nest Cam IQ’s features nicely:

The IQ’s shooting specs also give it some serious apparent performance chops. Nest is claiming a 4K UHD sensor with the rather unique and majorly data-saving feature of activation of 4K resolution only at timed intervals. Regular security streams from the Best Cam IQ will instead be made with the use of HDR technology to create “staggered 4K images” into a bitrate adjusted video sequence whose streamed, resolution is 1080p. Since constant streaming and storage of full native 4K video means some serious bandwidth and data storage requirements, this is indeed a useful modification on the concept of 4K security recording for users who don’t have the budget or bandwidth infrastructure to handle heavy loads of 4K video. The video feed of the Nest IQ also happens to be encrypted for greater security.

Nest Cam IQ 4K security camera

The Nest Cam IQ is capable of automatically following a detected person or moving object while keeping its full 130 degree FOV operational for other parts of what’s being watched. There’s also a digital zoom for 12x magnification of anything interesting and Nest has given the camera three microphones and what they call a “high-end” speaker with noise suppression, echo cancellation and audio cleanup. The Nest Cam IQ also comes with audio alert capability for letting you know if the camera heard suspicious sounds like breaking glass, a dog barking or people speaking. Furthermore, later in 2017 Nest will make the camera two-way communications-ready, allowing you to speak to people in other rooms through the device.

As for the crucial details of pricing and availability, the Nest Cam IQ will start shipping by the end of June or into early July and a single unit will go for $299 while a two-pack of cameras will retail for $498.

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