You Really Should Check Out Philip’s Immense New 40 Inch Curved 4K UHD Monitor

by on January 12, 2017

Stephan Jukic – January 12, 2017

CES 2017 was the source for a whole pile of cool new technologies and certainly not the least among them were a number of incremental improvements on PC monitor devices for 2017. Some of the new augmentations include curved display designs, the inclusion of HDR specs and the introduction of new connectivity port designs. Still other improvements to 4K PC display design include further inclusions of NVIDIA Pascal graphics support technology and new, seventh generation Intel processors that promise much broader support for 4K and even 4K HDR content from an assortment of consumer entertainment streaming sources that were previously only available for 4K TVs and projectors.

With that said, Philips, a leader in 4K HDR TV manufacturing, decided to forego CES 2017 with the release of its oddly non-HDR UHD monitor. Instead, the company decided to spring their new BDM4037UW on the public several days after the CES event for this year ended.

Philips now claims that their new BDM4037UW 4K monitor is the biggest you can buy by stating that it’s the “largest 4K curved monitor on the market”. If you take aside the fact that any curved or flat 4K TV can easily be used as a PC monitor, this statement is basically true for a curved PC display, but it also skips by the fact that there are actually bigger flat 4K monitors being sold as well with even more massive 43 inch displays. Though, in fairness to Philips, the lack of HDR in this monitor is partially compensated for by all the flexibly usable screen real estate

The above technical details on screen size and what constitutes a 4K monitor aside, the BDM4037UW is indeed one precise monster of a 4K computing display. The new Philips machine offers basics (for a monitor of such enormous size) like the ability to show four different 1080p video input images at the same time. Other size features include picture-by-picture and a few others, all beatified by a core display technology that is indeed quite a performer on picture quality.

Thus, the BDM4037UW offers superb color support, with some 85% of the NTSC gamut being covered for over 1 billion color values in nearly anything displayed on the monitor. Additional noteworthy specs include 300+ nits of brightness and multiple adjustability options. On the other hand, the BDM4037UW is, again we say it, not an HDR monitor despite its radical size and apparent quality and it’s connectivity ports such as DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4 and HDMI 1.0 all could have used use some technological overhaul. In addition to these defects, this giant of a Philips monitor’s brightness of 300 nits or slightly more is no longer something to be amazed with. Other companies have released their own 4K monitors for PCs already and many of them, especially Samsung’s and LG’s models, do indeed offer full HDR and can in many cases reach brightness levels of over 1000 nits as part of their own HDR support. The BDM4037UW does however come with a VA (vertical alignment) screen panel for deep, rich black tones

In exchange for absent high dynamic range, the BDM4037UW is remarkably cheap for its size and scope. It’s already available online or in some stores and comes with a set price of $650. This is indeed an enticing price for such a big PC display but without the HDR support, the BDM4037UW might be a deal breaker for many 2017 users.

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