NASA Rocket Launch video rendered in spectacular realism with 4K ultra HD resolution

by on December 16, 2015

Stephan Jukic – December 16, 2015

While nothing at all quite compares to seeing a large rocket launching into deep orbital space in person, right there at a distance of several miles from the live event, there are some remarkably decent substitutes available for all those millions of us who don’t live near any one of the world’s major launch bases, particularly those of NASA.

Most importantly, we’re talking about seeing a launch take place in full 4K ultra HD native video from the safety of your 4K TV and with the sound turned up to maximum surround power if you have it.

This is what NASA has made available to millions of 4K TV owners via YouTube with their first, recently released UHD video footage of the successful return to space of the Cygnus spacecraft, which was launched this past Sunday after a number of delays so that it could perform a cargo run to the International Space Station.

The spacecraft being hefted into space with some truly massive explosive propulsive power in the 4K video also later safely docked with the ISS on Wednesday.

The above video gives us extraordinarily clear video footage of Orbital ATK’s Cygnus spacecraft as it’s getting loaded into a fairing and then placed on top of one of the United Launch Alliance’s huge and immensely powerful Atlas V rockets. The 200 foot tall Atlas V is propped up against an even more massive scaffolding on the launch platform and soon after the loading is complete, the countdown at Cape Canaveral, Florida starts up.

The video then gives us some absolutely spectacular 4K video of the huge rocked thrusting up into space, from a variety of angles and even with the inclusion of an exquisite close up slow motion segment of video right in the most action-intensive part of the video. Truly, the video is quite something to behold on a 4K TV with some high quality sound technology blasting the roar into your living room.

NASA itself is turning into quite a serious adapter of 4K UHD video recording technology and the space agency is not only recording a wide range of truly amazing 4K movies of space and the Earth from orbit, but is also getting its own UHD TV channel into high gear, for millions of TV owners who want regular TV-based access to all of the Agency’s very impressive ultra HD video of numerous space explorations.

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