Nabi Square HD – A 4k Action Camera for Kids?

by on January 4, 2015

January 4th, 2014

The ‘action camera’ space is pretty crowded, with plenty of 4k offerings on the table. Mostly, though, they’re designed for adults to use, and the price tags reflect that.

The Nabi Square from Fuhu is a refreshing addition to the range. It’s a neat little cube of a camera (just 44mm on each side), with a built-in protective casing, and it costs just $170. It’s aimed squarely – pun intended – at the younger market, and it acquits itself well. There aren’t many 4k video cameras a parent would feel comfortable entrusting to their children, but this is one of them. Plus, with the modest price tag, it won’t be breaking the bank.

The Square packs quite a technical punch for such a compact cube of hardware. It will manage 4k video recording at 15 frames per second, with lower resolutions supporting higher frame rates for the real action shots: 2.7k at 30 fps, 1080 at 60 fps and 720 at a very respectable 120 fps for the fastest-moving subjects.

The camera’s natural competition is the GoPro, and it’s the Square’s robust design that differentiates it here. The casing is rated to a depth of 30 feet under water, it’s shockproof and keeps the dust out. The smooth exterior with no grips might prove a bit of a challenge for small hands, but the overall size of the camera means it’s easy enough to get a hold on anyway. The manufacturers state that the Square is really intended for children of 13 and upwards, though they have successfully tested it with much younger kids too.

Nabi-Square-HD-Is-a-GoPro-for-Kids-That-Can-Shoot-in-4K-at-15fps-468845-4When push comes to shove, the 15 fps rate isn’t great for 4k recording and it’s the 2.7k resolution where the Square really comes into its own. But given what this camera is really for – allowing children to record their own footage, from their own point of view – that’s no real loss. Once they’ve taken their videos, the material can be downloaded to a tablet for editing and sharing. (Fuhu have ensured that this is easily done on their own range of Nabi tablets, too.)

All in all, the Nabi Square is an impressive little piece of kit. It’s certainly not the best action camera you’ll ever find, but it does do the job very well for its chosen demographic. It’s tough, straightforward to use, capable of recording at high resolutions and fast frame rates, and the price tag is low enough not to raise your pulse too high when you hand it over to your kids. Thumbs up.

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