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Must Watch: The SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch Video On Your 4K TV

by on February 6, 2018
Stephan Jukic – February 6, 2018

For anyone who has a thing for the topic of human space exploration, the stuff that Elon Musk’s company SpaceX has been up to for several years now is simply fascinating. In the world of commercial space flight there are plenty of corporate players but none has quite captured the public’s imagination and interest, or advanced quite as far as SpaceX has so far.

Marking one more milestone in an already robust list of them that have been captured in ultra HD resolution, spaceX has now managed to pull off a historic launch of its latest and largest commercial space craft, the Falcon Heavy.

This dramatic test flight of the gigantic Falcon Heavy rocket system took place at 3:45 EST (2045 GMT) at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida today on pad 39A and the enormous rocket (the most powerful to be launched from Kennedy since the Shuttle missions of over a decade ago) successfully made its way into orbital space. The event was obviously a nerve wracking experience even for its most confident participants, with none other than Elon Musk himself confessing to some anxiety:

“I had this image of just a giant explosion on the pad, a wheel bouncing down the road. But fortunately that’s not what happened,”

With today’s launch, Falcon Heavy becomes one of the world’s most powerful space vehicles and its specs are genuinely impressive. Towering to a height of 70 meters (a little over 240 feet) and weighing in at just over 1398 tons, the Falcon Heavy can deliver a payload of 64 tons into space at its lowest ever commercial cost. This cargo capacity happens to outdo those of pretty much all current and past launch rockets to-date, as the graphic below shows.


Most impressively of all, the Falcon Heavy cost only $90 million per unit to build. If this seems steep, bear in mind that the cost of the Space Shuttle project was over $210 billion and each Shuttle launch alone had a price tag of over $450 million dollars. At those rates, the Falcon Heavy is an absolute bargain with a much better payload capacity as a bonus. It’s thrust of 5 million pounds is also the largest of all current space rockets, by 1.5 times.

Today’s Falcon Heavy launch took the craft on an eastward journey over the Atlantic Ocean, where its dual strap-on boosters and core stage rocket separated for a return to both Cape Canaveral and to SpaceX’s autonomous rocket floating rocket recovery platform in the Atlantic Ocean.

Interestingly and not quite incidentally, the main cargo onboard the Falcon Heavy for its maiden voyage was a electric Tesla Motors sports car with a mannequin clad in a space suit inside it; a little joke from Musk in reference to his other innovative company, Tesla.

Now, if you really want to appreciate the scope of the above, here’s a spectacularly sharp video of today’s historic launch. Captured in full detail and sincerely worth watching on your 4K ultra HD TV if you happen to be a fan of space exploration.

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