Most 4K TVs shipped internationally in Q4 of 2014 will be smaller 50 inch models

by on October 30, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – October 30th, 2014

4K TV sales are surging worldwide as the market penetration percentage that UHD technology takes up grows. This is particularly the case in overseas markets in Eastern Asia where China in particular is seeing 4K TV ownership reach more than 10% of total TVs owned by consumers.

The reasons for these increases are varied but they principally consist of steadily decreasing prices, greater content selection and a general consumer interest in the latest that resolution technology offered by Ultra HD screens.

However, the prices of UHD TVs do remain considerably more expensive than those of their Full HD counterparts and even in markets where lower end brands of 4K TVs cost much less than their premium counterparts, the lower end 4K sets are still more expensive than HD models.

This is likely one of the main reasons why, as of the fourth quarter of 2014, the majority of Ultra HD TVs sold on the international market (particularly Asian markets) are still smaller models with screen sizes of 50 inches or less.

Panel makers are firmly expecting that this trend will grow further and that Q4 2014 sales of UHD panels will mostly come from 50 inch or smaller TVs.

The vendors in question have an overall dedication to making 4K sales as widespread as possible and have noted that consumers in North America, Europe, Asia and China in particular have enough curiosity about 4K to buy a TV but are sticking to the most affordable models available, which are almost uniformly of the smallest kind available.

However, trends in the industry as a whole are pointing towards wider sales of larger Screens among sales of 42 to 50 inch panels, especially as new models emerge that offer both larger screens (60 inches+) and a reasonable price for them.

A notable example of this newer trend is the release of larger 4K TVs with a plethora of high quality features from brands like Seiki and, most notably of all, Vizio, which has recently released a whole line of Ultra HD TVs with top-shelf technology in the 50 to 70 inch range at prices below $2,500 USD.

Vizio 4K P-Series TVs

Vizio is one of the leaders in the production of new Top-shelf 4K TVs at record low prices

On the Asian market however, the overall market trend, according to the viewpoint of major Chinese manufacturers TCL and Xiaomi, indicates an increasing interest among consumers towards lower priced technology models that comes with the higher-end specifications associated with 4K resolution.

The current pricing structure for UHD TVs across all models is about 1.2 times higher than the prices of comparably sized Full HD units.

This is a massive decrease in the price of 4K TV technology from where it was at just two years ago. Currently, the global average price of 4K TVs has gone down by more than 80% between 2012 and now.

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